Sunday Share #44 - Currently

It's been a week of ups and downs - from celebrating a school milestone to worrying about my daughter's health and everything in between. Here's what we are currently up to and what I shared on my Instagram.

 Celebrating: 200 students at the school I am currently working at. So awesome being a part of this milestone! We had a Hat Party Parade and cake. It was a great day.

Enjoying: a bit of 'Me Time' - even if it meant eating this Kit-Kat, 5 minutes before picking up my son from care...It was the worth every minute! Bliss.

Worrying: about my daughter and her recurring Asthma attacks! Required a quick trip to A&E for a nebuliser and some more inhalers for home.

Admiring: Miss B's Butterfly Garden, located under our Play Room window. We already have eggs and teeny,  tiny caterpillars!

Sharing: this quote.

Catching up: with my bestie, who is over for a quick visit, from England!

Loving: my Mother & Daughter date with Miss B. Feeling much better after her Asthma attack earlier in the week, she deserved a little treat - We love Kiwi Yo!


How was your week? 
What have you been sharing, enjoying and worrying about? 

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  1. Those few minutes of quiet before picking everyone up from school is truely the bliss before the chaos. Enjoy them!!!
    Stopping by from the linkup - Jenny

    1. They really are Jenny, and I really do enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I hope your daughter is feeling better!
    Glad you were able to have some mother daughter time!!!
    Thank you so much for joining my Currently link party last week! I love hearing what you are up to!
    Have a great week!


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