DIY: Christmas Bunting in 5 Easy Steps!

You will need: 
12x12 Scrapbook paper
Triangle template (mine measures 20x17x20)
Paper cutter (or scissors) 
Hole punch
String or Ribbon 
(Laminator - Optional)

Here is what you do...
 1. Trace the outline of a triangle using the template. 

 2. Cut out the triangle (using paper cutter or scissors)

TIP: This scrapbook paper has designs on both sides, so that you can hang it by windows.

3. Punch two holes in triangle for the ribbon/string.

 4. Thread your chosen ribbon/string through the holes. 

 5. Hang your DIY Christmas Bunting proudly in your home. Voila!

 TIP: Laminate your triangles to make them sturdier and last for many years.

Hope this tutorial was helpful!
You can use this tutorial for any theme - the choice is yours!
If you do make some Christmas Bunting this year, I would love to see a photo.


  1. Love this easy tutorial Charlene!

    Maria xx

  2. Thank you Maria. They really are easy to make - perfect for a non-sewer like me. I will definitely be making some more for upcoming special occasions.


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