Sunday Nail Art!

Before Master M arrived, Miss B and I started this little tradition, that I paint her nails a funky colour or design on a Sunday afternoon, hence the name - Sunday Nail Art! It's our special mother/daughter activity that allows us to sit down for half an hour or so and have a little gossip session while Miss B gets pampered (it should be the other way around ha!). I enjoy it though, I find it quite therapeutic painting her nails - especially when it's a tricky design - I do love a challenge! Miss B already has a good collection of nail polish and accessories at the young age of 9! This is how I store her nail polish. She also has another container for her accessories (Storage: Sistema Klipo Organiser). 

Here are the designs for November!  (so far) 

Which design do you like the best? 
Check out some more designs HERE or click the Nail Art tab under my blog header.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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