#Tuesday Ten - Things I am thankful for RIGHT NOW!

Last night the worst 'blogging' thing happened to me! I (accidentally) deleted my entire #TuesdayTen post - "Things that I am thankful for". I had just finished it and was making a few minor changes, however my quick fingers selected the whole document and with a press of a button it was gone and Blogger automatically saved the new changes (#notcool). I couldn't undo it, or go back...it was GONE. I wanted to cry! It was late and there was nothing I could do about it. So I just closed my laptop and went to bed, absolutely gutted.  

So here I am (again) re-writing my 10 things that I am thankful for RIGHT NOW, not in general, RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

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1. Master M having a nap
I am so thankful that my son has gone down for his nap this morning so that I can do this post. Fingers crossed he decides to have a BIG nap, because this might take some time!

2. A clean kitchen 
Yesterday I re-started the 20 Day Challenge because I hadn't found a cleaning schedule that I liked or that worked for me - the 20 day Challenge did. So I cleaned my kitchen top to bottom (worked up a sweat too I might add). I even cleaned the cat door (by golly it definitely needed it, eww). Such a great feeling to have a nice, clean & clutter-free kitchen!

3. 20 Day Challenge Facebook Group
I am part of this amazing Facebook group (community) that supports and encourages everyone throughout the challenge. I am able to share my before & after photos, ask/give advice and motivate other members which, in turn, motivates me to keep going when I feel like procrastinating (I am a great procrastinator!) I am also thankful to Katrina @ The Organised Housewife for creating this challenge and Facebook group! You are amazing!

4. Happy & healthy children
I am also thankful that they chose ME to be their Mummy. They mean everything to me and make me who I am today! I love being a Mum and I am truly blessed to have them in my world. Mummy Loves You xxx

5. My partner 
We will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary in April next year. I am so thankful that he is in my our lives. He came into my life knowing that I had a daughter and that didn't bother him one bit. He is great with Miss B and a fantastic father to Master M. He is my rock and I love him so much. I am one very lucky lady to have such an amazing partner. Love you babe xxx

6. My parents
I am thankful that my parents are coming down this weekend to look after my kids so that my partner & I can go to his work-do. This will be the first night out (for me) since Master M arrived! I am very nervous about leaving Master M, however I know he is going to be fine - my parents are very experienced with children, having had 5 of their own and we all turned out alright! So thank you Mum & Dad for being the BEST BABYSITTERS EVER!

7. K-Mart 
Last week a new K-Mart store opened in our city. Everyone loves K-Mart - I mean what's not to love about this store - for me I just love how organised it is! Anyway - I am thankful for K-Mart because when I went in there the other day (for the first time), I saw a few items that I would love to buy for our First Night Out! (Thank you Mum & Dad for my Birthday $ - it will be going towards a new outfit)

8. Birthdays 
{Just putting it out there - it's my birthday this Friday 28th November}. I am thankful to live another year and to celebrate my birthday with my amazing friends and family! My daughter & partner have asked that I make a "Birthday Wish List" so that they can go shopping for my present - I am thankful that I don't have to buy my own presents (like I did before I met my partner).

9. Coffee Groups & SPACE* Mums
I am thankful to the Mums & Bubs that I have met since having Master M. (I am also still in contact with a few mums from when Miss B was a baby). They are an amazing bunch of ladies, who I consider dear friends and I am really glad that they are in our lives. Their babies are Master M's first friends and we will never forget them!
*SPACE - Supporting Parents Alongside Children's Education)

10. Blogging 
I have followed many blogs over the years and I am really glad I created my own blog: Teacher by trade - Mother by nature. It is the 5th wall in my home and my creative outlet - where I can share anything and everything that I am passionate about. I am still fairly new to the blogging world and I am continuously learning and growing my own little community. Blogging is great because it keeps my mind busy and stimulated, it is also something FOR ME and for that, I am thankful to the blogging community and YOU - the people that read my blog inspiring me each and every day!

And there you have it - this weeks #TuesdayTen - 10 Things that I am thankful for RIGHT NOW!
(Thanks again to Master M who has had a massive nap)

What are you thankful for RIGHT NOW? 


  1. I am Thankful for the life my husband and I have created together in 8 years. 2 healthy children, the roof over our head, personal and professional success and the Love we all have for each other. We are so fortunate no matter how much or little we may have

  2. Thanks for sharing @ The Retro Mumma!

  3. Great list! I'm sorry you lost your first draft, but maybe being thankful twice is good for you! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  4. Thanks Rabia. Yes I am thankful that I got to re-write my list! It was meant to be! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Naps are pretty fabulous, I think I might cry the day my daughter refuses one. This is a great list of things you are thanksful for!

  6. Great list of things to be thankful for! Sorry about the snafu, but glad you re-wrote it and like dup! Happy Birthday, too!

  7. Thanks @MumsMusingMind - I will probably be the same when my goes from two naps to one!

    I am glad I re-wrote it too Lisa :) Great idea for #TuesdayTen!


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