I've just signed up for #NZSecretSanta! Will you?

I have just signed up for the NZ Twitter Secret Santa tradition. This is my first year participating in the tradition and I am super excited about playing along with many other New Zealanders. 

Visit https://nzsecretsanta.nzpost.co.nz/ for more details about this amazing tradition. You can also read more about How to Play here.

Participants will find out who they will be Secret Santa for in 6 days and then the Twitter Sleuthing will begin - Twitter stalking at its finest! See hashtag #NZSecretSanta to follow the tradition and while you are there you can also follow me on Twitter @charlene_ttmn

Can't wait to 'Get my Twitter-Sleuth on'! 

Will you join in the fun? 

*Note: New Zealand residents only (sorry)

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