Organise Your Baking Supplies!

I love to up-cycle - especially when it comes to formula containers. Thankfully, I have a few friends that have kindly given me their empty containers to use for up-cycling projects & crafts (Thanks Ladies). You might remember a few weeks ago I made Miss B's Headband Organiser using an empty formula tin. 

When I was cleaning/organising the Pantry during the 20 Day Challenge, I didn't share a photo of my baking supplies, I did at the time give it a bit of a tidy up - however I didn't like the way it looked, especially when Miss B and I end up doing some baking - the items just get thrown back in the basket and it leads to absolute chaos! When I do baking, I want to be able to find what I need quickly, not rummaging through a basket full of supplies until FINALLY finding the baking soda at the back underneath the flour (grr). So today's task for me is to...
Organise Your My Baking Supplies 
Using Upcycled formula containers

You will need:
Empty formula container/tin (cleaned and dry) 
Scrapbook paper
Paper cutter or Scissors
Mod podge / Glue (I just used normal school glue) 
Cellotape (optional)
Big containers are perfect for Flour/Sugar. Smaller containers are great for Baking Powder/Soda, Icing sugar etc.

Here's what you do:
Measure the height and circumference of the formula tin to determine how much paper you will need. 12x12 scrapbook paper does not wrap all the way around the tin so you will end up piecing it together at the back. (1x sheet will cover 1 tin)

Glue the paper to the tin by spreading a layer of mod podge/glue all over the paper (or tin) and then wrapping it around. Seal the edges of the paper with mod podge or cellotape (optional)

I used the last bit of scrapbook paper to cover the formula label on the lid

 Label your tin and then add your contents.

Now my baking supplies are clearly labelled* and it is looking a lot more organised!

*I did plan to add labels that I made on the computer but my printer decided to not co-operate today. (Murphy's Law isn't it!). So the 'labels' are handwritten instead (until I get my printer sorted).

So, what do you think?

Have you up-cycled any formula containers? 


  1. How good are you?! This is making me regret throwing out all those formula tins (mind you, it's been six years... ha!). I've got a 'baking shelf' in the pantry and I'm quite an organised soul. Everything needs to go into containers at my place or the pantry moths visit AGAIN... x

  2. Thanks Bron. I am loving how organised my baking supplies are now - makes me want to bake more!

    Formula tins are great!! I have a little stash in the laundry for future projects and also have quite a few finished ones scattered around the house!


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