Family Day Out

Sunday stroll around Hatea Loop
What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon...strolling around the Hatea Loop with my family. This is actually the first time we have walked the track...I'm thinking it might become a regular thing for me and Master M during the week. 

Testing out my brand new walking shoes (only $10 - What a bargain!)

Great way to start our stroll...
First time we have seen Te Matau ā Pohe go up like this. Pretty cool!

Checking out the boat that just went under the bridge
And she's off!  
These signs are all throughout the track, in all different colours!
A great place to stop and admire the entrance to our marina
The Canopy Bridge
Te Pou looking over the marina 
Miss B under the Canopy Bridge

Quick stop at The Fudge Shop in the Town Basin for an ice cream
Favourite flavour: Goody Gum Drop
 Bit of History
Miss B having a quick rest

Amazing - Waka (canoe) & Wave Sculptures
Waka Sculpture
Stopping for a quick selfie with Miss B
 Master M having a good nap in the stroller
I want one of these seats! The back reclines either way! From this...
to this!
Something different, yet very effective

Te Matau ā Pohe - an Award winning construction
Te Matau ā Pohe - The Hook of Pohe
Selfie with Bryce (my partner)
Family selfie after our Sunday stroll
So there you have it...that was our Sunday stroll around Hatea Loop. I don't know why it's taken us (me) this long to actually do it. I absolutely loved it! It is such a great walk - completed in just under an hour. Already planning to go again this week with a friend and her baby.

If you ever visit New Zealand, come to Whangarei and check out the Hatea Loop for yourself. 

What is your favourite 'Family Day Out' activity? 

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