Kids Parties: Miss B's Paris themed 10th Birthday

Earlier this month, we celebrated two milestone birthdays - Master M turned 1 and Miss B turned 10 and we happened to have three parties in ONE weekend. In case you missed it, here is Master M's - A Little Golden Book themed First Birthday. The house went from "Little Golden Book" theme to "Paris" theme overnight! Phew!

For a while now, Miss B has been obsessed with anything and everything Paris, it made perfect sense to have a Paris themed party for her 10th birthday. Miss B helped by searching ideas on Pinterest, letting me know what she liked and what she didn't, then she left it to me to put it all together (she trusts me). So here are the details of "Miss B's Paris themed 10th Birthday". Enjoy!

I designed Miss B's invite using PicMonkey. She told me what she wanted e.g. 'Bonjour', bunting and an Eiffel Tower and this is what I came up with - Miss B was very happy with the final product! (I had them printed on 6x4 photo paper). Miss B invited her two best friends, Aimee & Ripeka. Then, together we decided to invite the women who have played a huge part in her life - her Nana, Home-based Carers (1-5 years), After-school Carer (5-10 years) and Aimee's Mum (because she has always been in our lives). We made the envelopes all pretty with washi tape and posted them out to everyone. I printed an extra copy of the invite to put in the white frame (like I did with Master M's). 

As soon as the kids went to bed, I got started on the decorations for Miss B's birthday. Down came the "Little Golden Book" theme and up went the different shades of pink, & Paris theme. I set up the coffee table with some of her Paris ornaments from her bedroom, and added her presents for her to open when she woke up in the morning. I found this gorgeous lace tablecloth from the Hospice for $4. 
10 Years Milestone Bunting 
I absolutely loved putting this together. Looking back at 10 years of Miss B's life - from birth to 10! A beautiful tribute to my amazing daughter. 

The table set up.
Paris Canvas Art was a present from Miss B's Nana & Papa (my parents).
The Paris clock was also a present from another family member.
At 1:50pm (time of birth) we sang Miss B "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
An added bonus. Miss B's After school carer kindly let me borrow her bike for the party - perfect for the theme. 
(I forgot to buy french sticks for the basket)

Raspberry Lemonade 
Quiche (Miss B's choice)
Chocolate Profiteroles
Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake
(with ham & cheese) 
Chocolate Pastries (Miss B's choice)
Gorgeous Cupcakes from Miss B's Godmother
Party Favour Treats: Mayceys Glo-Harts
Miss B chose a Strawberry Cheesecake for her 'actual' birthday cake. I added the cake bunting, a wafer paper heart and a couple of fondant Eiffel Towers (using a cookie cutter that I bought from KiwiCakes). Miss B loved it - to her - it was Perfect!

xx Make a Wish xx

* Before & After *
(1 hour old & 10 years old) 
* Best Friends *

 * Sibling Love *
Nana & Papa with their oldest and youngest 
* Mother & Daughter *

(8 March 2015)


  1. Charlene - I did read your One Word Challenge post, but I will admit I was a bit distracted by the beautiful pics in this one, and I had to tell you what an amazing job you did with this birthday party! What a lovely theme - enough sophistication for an almost tween, but still fun for kids. So, so great - happy belated birthday to both our your kiddos!

    1. Thank you so much Dana! It was a very 'grown up' party for Miss B - Double digits is a big milestone, especially for a young girl! :)

  2. Another great theme for a party! I love the styling and the pastries! Yum!! X

    1. My daughter will be having a Paris theme bedroom in our new home too - She's a little obsessed. Can't wait to share photos.


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