Sunday Share: FMS PAD #8 + Weekly Recap

It's been a very busy week for us... Our house is OFFICIALLY on the market! Our property listing went LIVE online Monday afternoon, the For Sale sign in front of our house went up on Wednesday, Marketing advertisement appeared in Friday's Property Guide - just in time for our first Open Home that we had today! Our agent commented on how beautifully presented the house was - he said it was perfect! (All our hard work paid off). Neighbour told us when we got home that"there were heaps of people - lots of cars". Agent was really happy with the turn out and that there was quite a lot of interest from those that came. He will be giving us some feedback in a couple of days. We look forward to that! So in the meantime, we keep on keeping on and do it all again same time next week! Stay tuned. 
On top of all of this happening, both kids have been sick with viral infections and Miss B having an asthma attack. She is doing much better now, but Master M is not doing so well, poor boy...he is a very miserable little boy -  I am definitely enjoying all the extra cuddles. Fingers crossed he has a speedy recovery. 

Second week of work went well. I was actually in another teaching role this week. I ended up teaching the whole school Te Reo Māori due to changes to BT's (Beginning Teacher) timetable. I was in a different, more positive mindset because I felt confident and comfortable about teaching the whole school, rather than one class (crazy, I know). There were no tears this week when I did drop off and we both (Master M & I) ended up having a really great day apart. Back to one class next week and I am looking forward to it - feeling confident!

Highlight of the Week: 
One of the photos I took this week for #FMSPhotoaday was selected in the FAB FOUR in the FMS Photo a Day Facebook Group (admin selected by Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim choose a 'Fab Four' every day).  I was doing a 'Happy Dance' when I got the notification! It is such an honour to have my photo selected - THANK YOU! Keep scrolling to see which one it was!

Feb 16. From where I stand
Feb 17. Routine
Feb 18. Bedside
Feb 19. Fresh  

Feb 20. This is so me!
Feb 21. Matching
Feb 22. Macro
See Chantelle's Photography Lesson in Macro

Here is the list for WEEK 9 - Are you playing along?
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Until next Sunday, have a fabulous week!

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