Taking Stock - January 2015

Pip from Meet Me At Mikes started "Taking Stock" last year, and I have seen a couple of bloggers do the same here and hereI love the sound of taking a bit of time out of my day to 'take stock' on things that happen in my LIFE, HOME & with my FAMILY, so each month I am going to join in on the fun - Kicking off with January!

Making: Banana Choc Chip Muffins today with Miss B

Cooking: Bangers (sausages) and mash (potato) for dinner tonight

Drinking: water 

Reading: Master M's Baby record books! Can't believe he's going to be ONE soon!

Wanting: A sleep in (one day) 

Looking: outside, watching the rain 

Playing: peek-a-boo with Master M

Sewing: Ha! nope, no sewing for me

Wishing: my Best Friend Emma a Happy Birthday for tomorrow

Enjoying: ME time!

Waiting: for my partner to make me a cup of tea :) ...still waiting...

Liking: my new Teacher's Planner (Personal & Blog planner too)...getting organised for the year! 

Deciding: what invitation design I am going to use for Master M's birthday (oh the choices!)

Considering: a new hairstyle for 2015

Sorting: my clean washing, ready to be folded and put away 

Wondering: when the sun is going to come out and play again - it's been miserable all weekend

Loving: my Canon EOS DSLR camera

Hoping: Miss B has a great first day/week back at school 

Needing: to sort out our house so we can put it on the market

Smelling: my Ecoya candle (so good) 

Wearing: my pyjamas 

Following: new Users on Instagram. You can follow me @charlene_ttmn

Noticing: that I have a lot to do in February eek!

Knowing: I am organised for tomorrow is a relief 

Thinking: about Master M & Miss B's birthday celebrations!

Feeling: anxious, nervous & excited about returning to work 

Bookmarking: Blogging & Photography tips

Opening: a packet of biscuits to have with my cuppa

Giggling: at Miss B chasing her little brother around lounge floor today

Feeling: tired...bed time soon!

Choose one or two words...let me know what's happening in your world...take stock...comment below


  1. Loved reading your list Charlene :) I too would love a sleep in one day. So tired lately. My two words:
    Wishing: For a vacation where I don't have to cook or clean and my kids are looked after by someone trustworthy while hubby and I enjoy some much needed relaxation.

    Wondering: If me making the decision to not blog for a few months is a good idea or not? I guess we will wait and see.

    Look forward to seeing what you do for your little ones birthdays! :) Maria. xx

  2. Thank you for your comment Maria. You decision wouldn't have been an easy one Maria, but at the moment in time, it sounds like the best decision for you and your blog. Your followers will still be here when you come back (well I will be) :) Take this time to reflect on the past 9 months of your amazing blog! You should be really proud of what you have achieved! I have enjoyed following your blog. You are an inspiration! Enjoy the break! :) Yes I can't wait for the birthdays - although the prep work is going to drive me crazy ha!

  3. Deciding: Whether to go to bed or keep working. Going to work tomorrow and have a few meetings I need to prepare for. I only had a week of not being at work to do it prior ... I procrastinate a lot.

    Looking: on line and procrastinating too much when I should be working.

    Ok I've decided ... its bed time. If I'm not going to work I'm not going to stay up not working.

    *yawn* Good night Charlene.

  4. Laugh out loud Camielle! I am procrastinating too! I have a long list of things to do today, MUST FIND MOTIVATION! "just 5 more minutes" turns into an hour! eek!


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