#TuesdayTen: My Top 10 Blog Posts!

Happy 5 month Blogiversary Teacher by trade - Mother by nature!

Wow, today my little blog is 5 months old! Although Teacher by trade - Mother by nature Facebook page has been around since May 2014, my blog has only been around since September 2014! Thank you to everyone that has stopped by and visited the 5th wall of my home - my blog has had over 12,000 views! Amazing! I welcome all new visitors too. If this is your first time here, you have chosen a great day to visit!

This week for #TuesdayTen, seen as it is my blogiversary, I thought I would take this opportunity to share the TOP 10 Blog Posts viewed on - Teacher by trade - Mother by nature - according to Blogger. (I have also shared 10 of my FIRST blog posts below).

So according to Blogger, here are my TOP 10 Blog Posts...

1. My Labour & Birth Story - This is my story of giving birth to a 10lb 14oz baby boy!

2. School Holiday Ideas Jar (2015 Edition) - This is my go-to when it's the school holidays or when Miss B is bored. Filled with a range of activities that kids can do independently, with a friend or as a family. 

3. Miss B's Bedroom Makeover - Check out the before and after photos of Miss B's bedroom. This was completed during the 20 Day Challenge I did with The Organised Housewife last year. (see more details below)

4. 20 Day Challenge - How I organised my home in just 20 days!

5. I Remember that Girl (#1Word) - Join me as I head down memory lane remembering THAT GIRL...a personal insight about ME! This post was part of the One Word Blog Challenge hosted by the lovely Lisa from The Golden Spoons.

6. 20 Things You Might Not Know About Me - Want to know a bit more about me? Check out my answers to the Random Question Tag that was circulating the blog-o-sphere last year!

7. DIY: Baby Food Jar Advent Calendar - Perfect way to re-use baby food jars - use them for an Advent Calendar next Christmas. 

8. Front Garden Update! The before and after photos of our front garden are amazing. 

9. DIY: Teacher Gift Idea - This cute gift idea can be used for teachers, mothers, fathers, and grandparents or even for your own home. They are super easy to make and oh-so cute!
10. #TuesdayTen: Top 10 Favourite Children's Books - I asked a group of Mums what their favourite children's books are. - here is what they said...Is your favourite on the list? 

Is there another blog post of mine that you really like and think should be on this list? 
Please let me know in the comments below :) 

And now...here are my FIRST 10 blog posts for Teacher by trade - Mother by nature. 

2. School Holidays Jar Idea

3. A Letter From My Daughter

4. {Nail Art} Chevron, Pink & Gold

5. Chunky Choc Cookies

6. School Holiday Idea: Build a Hut

7. FMS Photo a Day: September

8. 20 Day Challenge STARTS TOMORROW!

9. {20 Day Challenge} Day 1 - Kitchen

10. {20 Day Challenge} Day 2 - Master Bedroom

This post is part of the #TuesdayTen Link Up with
 Lisa from The Golden Spoons & Rabia from The Lieber Family

Are you a blogger? 
Please share with me your very first blog post or come and link up - #TuesdayTen!


  1. You've had a great start! I think it's awesome that you had a facebook page before you started your blog. That's a great way to develop readership!

    1. Thank You Rabia! Well I figured that I use Facebook daily so why not start a page for myself, rather than sharing EVERYTHING on my personal page and then I was asked if I had an actual blog/website because readers wanted to see more...I created one. I am really glad that I did. I have learnt so much in these first 5 months - and I am pretty proud of my little blog and the commitment I have to it.

  2. I love that some of your top ten are from #TuesdayTen & One Word!!! :-) Just finished my One Word post for tomorrow and gave you a little shout out in it! :-)

    1. I think it's awesome too Lisa!! My #TuesdayTen & One Word posts are very popular - and I have your link ups to thank for that!! It's great because it does give my little blog a moment to shine with the rest of the amazing bloggers that link up, so thank you!! And awww I look forward to reading it! (thanks in advance)


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