Taking Stock - February 2015

And just like that - it's the last day of the month! It's time to TAKE STOCK! Pip from Meet Me At Mikes started "Taking Stock" a while back, and I have seen a couple of bloggers do the same here and hereI love the sound of taking a bit of time out of my day to 'take stock' on things that are happening in my LIFE, HOME & with my FAMILY, so each month I am going to join in on the fun!

***Taking Stock - January 2015

Making: decorations for my kids milestone birthday parties

Cooking:  Hotdogs and Wedges for dinner

Drinking: a glass of icy cold water (perfect on a hot day like today) 

Reading: the Property Guide - trying to find us a house!

Wanting: a good night sleep!

Looking: at photos of Master M's FIRST YEAR!

Playing: cricket in the front yard with Miss B (brings back memories from my childhood)

Wishing: my son gets better soon (especially before his birthday)

Enjoying: planning and organising kids parties

Waiting: for the cricket to start...Come on Black Caps! (vs Australia)

Liking: the sunshine - finally catching up on washing!

Wondering: what the weather will be like next weekend - fingers crossed for sunshine with a nice breeze

Loving: the support of my friends (+ blogging friends) & family during this very overwhelming time.

Considering: getting a new hairstyle this week (will I or won't I) 

Buying: a new house (well house hunting at the moment)

Watching: this weeks Grey's Anatomy 

Hoping: we sell our house soon!

Marvelling: at the beautiful houses that are waaay above our price range. Oh to dream!

Needing: more hours in my day to get the jobs I need done (so much to do, so little time)

Questioning: whether or not I can pull off 3 parties in one weekend!

Smelling: a pooey nappy - thanks a lot Master M!

Wearing: my favourite harem pants - I never thought I would like them...but I LOVE them, 
they are so comfortable. 

Following: new blogs via Kiwi Mummy Blogs & Bloggy Moms 

Noticing: so many people doing drive-bys of our house! Fingers crossed for another good 
turn out at tomorrows Open Home. 

Knowing: there are 5 more sleeps until Master M turns ONE and 8 more sleeps until Miss B turns TEN is totally freaking me out! 

Thinking: about how I am going to set up the parties.

Admiring: all the photos on #FMSPhotoaday

Sorting: through Master M's keepsake box and updating his baby record books

Getting: ready for a full on week (one day at a time)

Bookmarking: ideas for the classroom (unit plans/activities) 

Disliking: people who hold grudges - Some things are just not worth the frown lines.

Opening: the mail and Master M has received his first birthday card from our home-based 
childcare centre - how cool is that?

Giggling: at all the tweets and Facebook posts about #TheDress (you know the one - White and gold OR Blue and Black?)

Feeling: overwhelmed and overloaded (read more about that here)

Comforting: my miserable and very sick little boy

Helping: Miss B helped me clean the house this morning - she knows exactly how I like things! (Like mother, like daughter)

Hearing: Master M cry breaks my heart

Now it's your turn - Choose one or two words and let me know what's happening in your world...take stock and comment below. 


  1. Thinking: this is a great idea! Might do Taking Stock on my own blog

    Watching: the Black Caps dessimate Aussie

    From Trish/Hello Motherhood

    1. Yes, you totally should do it Trish! Send me the link when you/if you do 'take stock' :) Would love to read it!
      Go the #BlackCaps


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