Sunday Share: We Survived our First Day!

I am referring to my FIRST DAY OF WORK and Master M's FIRST DAY at Home-based Childcare on Tuesday 10th February. A moment that needed a {Milestone Photo} #inthepicture (which is featured in Maxabella Loves' video).

I was quite anxious about leaving Master M & really nervous about teaching a class of 23 students (you can read more about it here)! Repeatedly asking myself, "Am I doing the right thing?". Here's how our day panned out...

We started our day as per normal, however this time I needed to make sure Master M's lunch was packed, extra nappies and change of clothes were in the nappy bag AND I had my teaching stuff ready to go. Everything was going smoothly at this point and I was feeling OKAY. We (Master M, Bianca & I) arrived at the carer's home and she welcomed us in with a big smile. She is absolutely lovely and I know Master M is going to be fine in her care. We stayed for about 10 minutes, settling him in, showing him some toys and books...then came the HARD part...saying good-bye! I decided to do the same routine that I did with Miss B (all those years ago) - a hongi (press noses), a kiss & cuddle, and said "I love you son" and started to back out of the lounge, with tears welling up in my eyes. Being attached to Master M for 11 months and then leaving him with someone new is really hard. The carer reassured me that he was going to be just fine...she was more worried about me! (Tears were rolling down my face at this point). She said "text me or ring me whenever you need"...I was trying to hold back the tears when I waved good bye to Master M and told him I loved him again and walked out the door. Miss B was looking at me weird and was wondering why I was a blubbering mess. 

As we were driving heart just was happening - I was leaving my son for 8 hours (no b/feeding)...I just kept picturing his face, his smile...and I missed him already and it had only been like 3 minutes since we left the house! I dropped Miss B off at her friends house for morning drop off, and headed out to work. Luckily I have to travel 20 minutes from our city, because I still had tears after 10 minutes...(I am an emotional person). I had to tell myself - "That's Enough Charlene, he is going to FINE"! and with that said, no more tears, teacher hat on and I started mentally preparing for my first day at work. 

I got to work 5 minutes before the bell! AARRGGHHHH!!! Thankfully they were understanding. and knew how hard the morning drop off would be. I quickly got settled into the classroom, the teacher gave me a quick rundown of the class routine and the bell went...I was ON! For the next 6 hours I am not a Mum, I am a Teacher! Let the day begin!

I received this text from the carer at 9:30am...
"Master M has just gone down for his moe (sleep). I can hear him talking happily to himself. He has had a great morning exploring everything he can reach. Have changed a pooey diaper...There have been no tears. I have had a couple of grizzly moments but he as been awesome". 
He slept for over an hour (which is pretty good for his first time in a new place)...

"just finished a meltdown. Didn't want to sit in the highchair so is sitting on my lap having lunch"! 
I couldn't help but giggle when I read this...I thought...naww so cute - he throws the cutest little meltdowns! It was getting close to when he is due for his second nap...but apparently he wouldn't have a bar of the cot until about 2pm (usually goes down for 2nd nap about 1pm). 

Back to the classroom: I am teaching a wonderful class, most of the students I taught when they were 5 years old, so it was really nice to see them again and watch their personalities shine. Maths, Reading & Te Reo Māori (my specialty) were on the timetable, and then finishing the day with a tidy up of the class, and a game outside. 

As soon as the final bell rang...I was knackered! My first day at work and I survived! YAYE! I was ready for nap. It was surreal being back in the classroom. I was over stimulated and it was a different kind of 'busy' (as opposed to being 'busy' with a baby/toddler), however I felt really good about how the day went. 

I headed back to the city to see my son, who I missed SO MUCH, and when I arrived - He was ASLEEP! I was totally blown away that he actually had two sleeps on his first day of home-based care! So cool and I am very proud of him. He woke up shortly after I arrived and was ready for some Mummy cuddles! 

I sat down with Master M and the carer - we had a discussion/debrief about his day, she showed me photos of the things that he got up to (I love that she takes just as many photos as I do), all in all, it sounded like Master M had a brilliant first day at home-based childcare and that he settled in really well. Woohoo! And I had a successful first day at work. 

Until next week...hopefully I won't cry and I definitely won't be arriving at work 5 minutes before the bell! (oops).

How was your first day back at work? Or your child's first day in child care? 


  1. Awe! Well done you!!!! It's definitely not easy leaving them hey? Sounds like you aced it tho!!!!! Hope next weeks drop off goes smoothly too! :-)

  2. Well done. It's sooooo hard. I'm told it gets easier, but I'm not sure that's true x

    1. Thank you for your comment Cybele. I think being distracted gets easier, not the leaving them part. There is always that element of guilt each time.


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