Tomorrow...(1 Word Challenge)

Tomorrow...I will wake up.

Tomorrow...I will say "Good Morning" to my partner and my children and tell them that I love them.

Tomorrow...I will wish my big brother & god-daughter a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

Tomorrow...I will drop Miss B off at school and tell her to have a fantastic day!

Tomorrow...I will post Master M's birthday invitations to his friends & family. #snailmail #happymail

Tomorrow...I will have a cuppa & catch up with our friends from SPACE (Supporting Parenting Alongside Children's Education)

Tomorrow...I will wash, dry & fold the baskets full of laundry.
Tomorrow...I will give the house a quick tidy.

Tomorrow...I will play games, read books & sing songs with Master M.

Tomorrow...I will make some DIY Drums.

Tomorrow...I will finish off Miss B's birthday invitation.

Tomorrow...I will make Moroccan Lamb chops for dinner (Yum!)

Tomorrow...I will remember to take a moment to breathe!
What will you do tomorrow? 

This post is a part of The 1 Word Blog Challenge - Hosted by Lisa at The Golden Spoons
This weeks word prompts were Guilty, Tomorrow & Confused


  1. Probably bang my head against a brick wall or three. Wrong answer? ;) xx

  2. Tomorrow always sounds like such a productive day. And then it becomes today and I lose my motivation! Ugh! :)

    1. Sounds about right Rabia! That's why I added the quote: "Tomorrow - A mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored". So true!

  3. You certainly have a lot on your tomorrow list!! My tomorrow will include volunteering at my daughters middle school, getting my hair cut, going to the gym, and then, hopefully, relaxing and spending some time hanging out with my daughters.


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