Sunday Share: FMS PAD #9 + Weekly Recap

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How was your week? Mine was pretty full on (I even had a mini meltdown oopsy) - Master M had a viral infection, then bacterial infection, THEN conjunctivitis AND THEN an ear infection - all in ONE week! My poor boy! He was absolutely miserable, didn't smile, completely off his food (solids) only having breast milk. I took him to the Doctor on Friday and had him weighed. He lost a massive 2kg (weighed 11.1kg the week before), the Dr wasn't surprised about the weight loss due to him being really sick and being of his food. Thankfully he is feeling much better and has returned to his normal chirpy & happy little self! Heading back to the Doctors tomorrow for a follow up...fingers crossed his ear has cleared up and he is starting to gain weight again - his appetite has definitely returned - our boy sure can eat!

Today we had our second and last 'Open Home'...from now on, we will be doing 'viewing by appointment', because next weekend we will be having 3 parties to celebrate the kids milestone birthdays. Things are going to be very chaotic this week, so having an Open Home is out of the question. Hopefully, we get a few more groups coming through the house before the house goes to Auction on the 12th. 

To finish off our partner, Miss B & I played a bit of 'backyard cricket' - with Master M watching us from the big window in the lounge - It was nice to spend time as a family, having fun and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! You would think it was still Summer. 

Here are my photos for Week 9 of FMS Photo a Day Challenge. 
Feb 23. Fix
Feb 24. 12 o'clock
Feb 25. Reflection
Feb 26. Grow
Feb 27. Still Life
Feb 28. Thank You
March 1. Starts with R

Come and join in the FMS Photo a Day Fun!
Woohoo! WEEK 10 is available to view now. Head over to Fat Mum Slim to get the details. 

What's Happening?
 It's BIRTHDAY Week for Master M (5th March) & Miss B (8th March).

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