Real Friends vs Fake Friends (1 Word Challenge)

Real friends are a rare breed. I have met a lot of people in my life and most of them have become really good friends of mine. Distinguishing a real friend from a fake friend can be hard to do though. In my opinion, real friends are the people you can go to for anything, no matter what...they are the ones that see the good, the bad and the ugly. Where as fake friends may be your friend on Facebook, just to have a nosy at what's happening in your life. Over the years, friendships have come and gone but my REAL friends have stuck around through thick and thin. Although we don't see each other everyday, when we are together, it's like we were never apart...those friends in my eyes...are your REAL friends.  I actually wrote this post about two of my best friends.

Here's a guide to figuring out if your friends are REAL or FAKE...

1. Support the choices you make
A real friend will support the choices that you make in life. Whether it's giving up smoking, leaving your husband or changing your career, a real friend will be there supporting you every step of the way.

2. You trust them with your secrets
Real friends stay true to their word and will not gossip about you or share your secrets with every Tom, Dick and Harry. They respect you too much for that. Fake friends will use your secrets as ammo or conversation starters to gain a few brownie points with other friends.

3. Encourage you to explore your interests
As we get older, we find that we like different things and discover new interests - may be something that is totally opposite to what we would normally do. A real friend will let you do your thing and whole heartedly encourage you to enjoy the new journey.

4. Be goofy
You know those random, goofy things that we do on a regular basis? - a real friend loves much so that if they are a true friend - they will be standing right next to you doing the exact same thing!

5. Forgive you 
There may be times that you seriously screw things up...fake friends might take it very seriously and can cost you a friendship. Real friends will know that you f*&#ed up and will forgive you because they value your friendship too much.

6. Know your little quirks
No one else knows you quite like your real friends...especially when it comes to the little quirks you have. It's when they notice those quirks - you have definitely found yourself a real friend.

7. They make time for you
Fake friends will contact you if and when they need something or want to know some gossip. Real friends are genuinely interested in what's happening in your life and make the time to do so.

8. They take you as you are
A real friend won't care if you rock over to their place in trackies and a hoody or even in your pyjamas - they might have a laugh and will probably be wearing the same! They don't care, they just want to hang out with their BFF! If you have to always wear nice clothes, and do your hair just to hang out, then you might have fake friends. Again, real friends see the good, the bad and the ugly!

9. Always there for you
One of the biggest differences between real and fake friends is how they deal with your ups and downs. Your real friends will be right there next to you listening to whatever you have to say, whether it's happy or sad, good or bad. If you are feeling down, a fake friend will try to sweep it under the carpet and may change the subject.

And just for fun...

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  1. Definitely loved your image at the bottom, especially "Will steal this"! But seriously real friends are truly a gem to find and when you do and are lucky enough to find them, you try never to lose them, as you are blessed to be able to call them your friend.

  2. Great post! I am the kind of person who has very few really close friends. I know they are real friends, though, so I'm ok with that! :-)


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