#TuesdayTen: 10 Things That Make Me Panic!

Have you heard of Panic Day? Well apparently there is such a day and it's celebrated on March 9th every year! If you didn't know that...you are welcome!

What is Panic Day? 
"Imagine a whole day devoted to what most of us do every morning, at least Monday to Friday. With deadlines looming, alarm clocks failing and traffic jamming, panic comes naturally, yet we’re expected to quell our natural urges, take a deep breath and carry on regardless. No more!"
"Panic Day is the day to let rip and succumb to the terror, giving free reign to this much suppressed emotion. Flap your arms and scream, run around in circles, if it helps, or just stay in bed quivering with your head under the pillow" via
For me, everyday is Panic Day! I must admit, I can be a very anxious person - So today, in honour of Panic Day, I am sharing 10 things that make me or have made me panic in one way or another...
1. Sudden change - I don't deal with change very well, especially sudden change. Sometimes its takes me ages to actually get my head around it - I usually end up in tears because it becomes too overwhelming for me to process! 
2. "Open Homes" - If you have experienced this, you will know exactly what I mean. Selling your house/property can be a very stressful task on it's own, throw in an Open Home or three and boy, you will be running around like a mad (wo)man, making sure every window is glistening clean and there are no finger prints evident, carpets vacuumed, floors mopped, benches/surfaces cleared, and the toilet is sparkling. Having an Open Home is in a league of it's own, it's not just your normal day-to-day clean, it's deeper than that! You do everything in your power to get your home looking its best for potential buyers. As soon as I get the call that we have someone coming over - PANIC stations are alerted and I get to work!
3. Meeting deadlines...Ah the days when I had an assignment due or an exam...I would stay awake until a ridiculous hour in the early morn just to get it finished...Good ol' procrastination gets the better of me and here I am now, panicking about getting this post completed!
4. Organising THREE birthday parties in ONE weekend - No matter how organised I am, I still panic about this, that and the other...What the weather is going to be like? How should I set up the table? Where is everyone going to sit? What if no-one comes? etc, (Thankfully, everything worked out and we had a great weekend, Phew!)
5. A baby/toddler/young children - Enough said really - I think as parents, we hold the Panic button very closely to us when it comes to caring for our little ones. Whether it's them choking on something, losing them in a department store or when you turn your back for 5 seconds and they are at the other end of the house or even worse, outside! Worst feeling ever!

And some more panic situations that have occurred in my life...

6. Hearing the rinse cycle on your washing machine and quickly realising you left something in the laundry sink! (this actually happened to me last night - I jumped out of bed so quick and made it JUST in time before the water reached the top of the sink!
7. When someone texts or rings to say that they are popping in for a visit in 10 minutes - and your house is a complete MESS!! Geez talk about a work-out!
Can anyone relate to this? 
8. The fuel light has been on for a couple of days now...
9. Taking the wrong turn off from the motorway!
10. Death of a family member or close friend. 

What makes you PANIC?
I came across this article about "10 Things You Need to Know About Panic Attacks" by Richard Lucas - I found it quite interesting!

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  1. Thank you for looking up the info about Panic Day! I was curious, but didn't take the time to find out. :)

    When we were moving, I didn't panic about open houses, but I did panic when my daughter took a red marker and wrote all over my bedroom carpet 30 minutes before we were to have an open house!

    I am completely impressed that you do three birthday parties in one weekend. We have three boys with birthdays in a two week time span. I would never be able to pull such a thing off.

    Amazing how much cleaning can get done with the right motivation, huh? :)

    1. OMG!! That would have made me panic too! I am getting used to the open homes and can get the house "Open Home" ready pretty quickly now...hopefully not too long to go and we sell.

      Thanks for your comment Christine.

  2. Oh gosh! I've got three parties coming up, but they are all three weeks apart. I honestly think I'd rather do them all together and get it over with, but it really wouldn't work out that way. Glad yours went well, party planning stresses me out too!

    1. It was great to get it all done in one weekend, however it can be quite stressful! You just need to be super organised! I had a vision and just went for it! I am totally proud of myself for pulling it off!

  3. I do the 3 birthdays in august every year - my husband, oldest daughter, & youngest daughter all have birthdays within a 5 day span!!! I haven't done open houses in a long time, but I remember how awful they were!


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