Motherhood is Rewarding (#1Word Challenge)

It's true - Motherhood is rewarding, despite the constant grind. I have been a Mum for 10 years and it has been the most wonderful, life-changing experience of my life. Recently, I decided to take a trip down memory lane - reading"My Pregnancy"A Record Book and a keepsake I will treasure forever. As I was flicking through the pages, something fell was a letter written by my "second" Mum (my best friend's Mum). The letter was given to me before I had my baby and before I began my journey as a mother.

A special letter dedicated to a first time Mum & her unborn baby...

Here's Looking at Your Kid
I dedicate this to your new baby, well where do I begin...
From goos and gas and crying to its gooby, dribbly chin
So glorious is motherhood, wet napkins by the mile, 
Sleepless nights and teething, all topped off with a smile. 

Blessed are baby days, destruction at its best,
You won't begin to tally the treasures that go west. 
And how about the toys and things, scattered 'round the place, 
So Mum can come and trip on them, and splat down on her face. 

The joys of toilet training, sitting them on the toilet, 
You'll pull faces to amuse your tot and pray they'll leave a deposit. 
But oh alas, its not to be, you sit and shake your head, 
Baby really doesn't need to go Mum, they'll do it later in their bed. 

Baby fancies a bit of fingerpaint, and when you've cleaned them up, 
They have fun in your pot-plants isn't that just your luck. 
You're off to town, all dressed up, so now you're ready Mum, 
You won't mind if I suddenly vomit down your front. 

The battle of the dinner hour, resembling World War One, 
Pretending to be a choo-choo train in the hope that they'll swallow some. 
They spit and choke and blubber, rubbing it in their hair, 
And then proceed to grind it in the cracks of their highchair. 

Pre-school years are looming, the whys and wherefores come, 
"Please Mum, can you tell me the obvious - I'm dumb"
Now if you should ignore me, I'll stand and pull your dress, 
Till you come up with an answer, a reply you can't suppress. 

Off to school peace at last, hey Mum! You've got to be kidding, 
I'll be in fine form when I come home, I always end up winning. 

Let me in your kitchen, I fancy myself as a chef, 
When my masterpiece is complete, you won't have any food left. 
Your fridge it will be empty, my stomach will be bulging, 
And Mum, now incidentally, the dishes may need washing. 

How's your budget going Mum? I've written you a list, 
For all the vital things in life, I really shouldn't miss.
We'll start with clothes and CD's, then graduate up the scale, 
To my own TV, cellphone and computer for my e-mails. 

Can I borrow the car Mum? I've got a date tonight. 
We're off to the nightclub and perhaps we'll grab a bite. 
I promise we'll be in by ten or maybe it will be one. 
Please don't wait up and worry, we'll only be having fun. 

So we've just about come full circle, keep this thought in mind, 
Motherhood is rewarding, despite the constant grind. 

Charlene - Here's to your future years shared with your new wee one. 
Love Shelley* (Mum 2) xxx ooo xxx

OXO for bubs. I can't wait for the arrival

Shelley was a beautiful woman, a wife, a mother of two daughters (my 'second' Mum), a sister, an aunty, and a special friend. Shelley was a wonderful writer/poet, who always spoke from her heart. My 'second' Mum (Shelley) sadly passed away several years ago, so this wonderful letter will be treasured forever - in fact, I am reliving it with baby #2.

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  1. What a treasure that poem is, Charlene! I'm so glad you found it again and shared it with us! It's a wonderful read - and WOW, the years really do seem to pass with children just as quickly as the beautiful poem does. I loved it! Thank you! I'm so glad you're part of One Word! :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Marcia. I know Shelley (Ma H) will be proud of me and my daughter.
      I love being a part of #1WORD

  2. What a beautiful letter and seriously the time does fly. I feel like I blinked from being pregnant with my first and now she is almost in the first grade with many milestones already behind us. Even though there is so much more to come, I sometimes wish I would have stopped to smell the roses more (if that makes sense). So great letter and advice to the first time (new) mom.

    1. Thank you Janine. I agree, time sure does daughter is 10 and my son is ONE! It's crazy!

  3. This is such a touching and moving keepsake you have from her to share with your children in the years to come. I'll have to keep that in mind for when my baby girl grows up and is waiting on her first. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  4. What a sweet poem! And so wonderful that you found this keepsake from someone who was so special and has now passed. I love this!

  5. How incredibly precious hun. I bet you smiled so hard when you found it again xx


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