Sunday Share: FMS PAD #10 + Weekly Recap

Sorry - I am a little late publishing this post - I needed to have an early night last night after all the partying!...I am going to keep this weeks {Sunday Share} short and sweet because it has been one FULL ON weekend to say the least! I just wanted to say...I DID IT, I actually did it!!! - THREE parties - ONE Weekend plus an Open Home (View by Appointment). 

We have had a fantastic weekend - it has been very busy (and a little overwhelming), however we got through it and the kids and our guests had an absolute blast! Everything was great - my planning and organising finally paid off and we had the BEST time! 

Message to my family & friends...

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to ALL of our friends and family that came and celebrated the milestone birthdays of Master M (ONE) & Miss B (TEN)! It was great to share this special moment with you all! Thank you all for the lovely gifts, the kids were very spoilt xxx (we definitely need a bigger house now) 

Don't worry, I will definitely be sharing the details and (lots of) photos from the parties, so be sure to come back and check those out! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek...

Also, here is my Week #10 FMS Photo a Day...
March 2. Part of Me (my children)
March 3. Open (Eyes wide Open)

March 4. Geometric
March 5. Out the Window
(Happy 1st Birthday Master M)
March 6. Remedy
March 7. Sweet
March 8. Young
(Celebrated two milestone birthdays (ONE & TEN) this weekend, Oh to be Young again)
(Happy 10th Birthday Miss B)
 Ready for another week of Photo a Day? 
This week looks like A LOT of fun! Can't wait to get started. Come and join in the FMS PAD fun! Take a photo using the prompts provided and upload it on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #fmsphotoaday - it really is that simple, and FUN!

Be sure to pop over to Fat Mum Slim for more details

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I took a little break from the blog this week due to planning & organising three birthday parties & an open home (view by appointment). See: Out of OfficeI can't wait to share photos of the kid's birthdays with you. Coming to the blog soon so WATCH THIS SPACE! In the meantime, check out My Top Ten Blog Posts...including My Labour & Birth Story!

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Have a fabulous week!


  1. Both birthday parties look gorgeous, can't wait to read your posts about them. Go Mumma!!!!! xx


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