Sunday Share: FMS PAD #13 + Weekly Recap

Keeping this weeks Sunday Share short and sweet due to the Cricket World Cup Final. (#sorrynotsorry)

What's been happening this week? 

  • We had another offer on the house and our last Open Home today (Yippee!).
  • Miss B was awarded Team Kiwi STAR student - for having a great attitude towards participating and trying new things
  • Master M is getting more confident with his walking...taking 10-15 steps now! It's so cute - hoping to get him walking on video soon (before he starts running)
  • Miss B went to the Gold Coast, Australia with my parents yesterday. She is having an early holiday with her cousins - very lucky girl! I am so jealous. 
  • I hosted Coffee Group this month and we made these Super Cute Easter Bunnies
  • Love having my Mummy 'Me' time - reading Autumn edition of OHbaby!

And my pics for #FMSPhotoaday - Week 13

Too Much

My Treasure


I love....HIM
Something White
Ready for Week 14 - here it is!

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Have a fantastic week!

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