#TuesdayTen: 10 Holidays That Should Exist

On the 26th March, it is Make Your Own Holiday Day - bit of a random day I know...however it happens to be the inspiration for this weeks #TuesdayTen Link Up! From what I have read - it allows you to make up a special day for anything you want - there are no limits! So today, I am sharing 10 Holidays That Should Exist...
#1 - International Selfie Day
Hashtag #selfie is popular, so we might as well make it official - what do you think?

#2 - Backwards Day 
Dessert with starting - meals eat maybe or backwards write and read, front to back clothes wear, backwards talk & walk. (day this on driving recommend don't I, others of safety the for) backwards be will do you that everything - celebrate to day fun a be would this now.
Now read it backwards! 

#3 - Technology-Free Day 
Can you imagine a day without any technology -  no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Gaming? Why not give it a go with your family - turn off the techno-gizmos for a day and see what happens. Who knows, you might actually enjoy it and make it a regular thing.

#4 - National High 5 Day
High 5 to that! 

#5 - Family Fun Day
We celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day and some even celebrate Grandparent's Day (which is great) but how about celebrating a day with your family. Make it a fun day - go to the park, visit the zoo, or maybe go for a bush walk. If this became an official 'day', your community might support it and have a Family Fun Day in your town/city with lots of entertainment for kids, and adults alike. 

#6 - National Drink Wine Day
I know a few people that would like this and some may even go as far as saying 'Everyday is Wine day'! So for you all you WINE lovers out there - raise your glass and enjoy!
*I have recently learned that there is actually a 'National Drink Wine Day' that is celebrated in the USA.
I personally would like a "National Drink Vodka Day"!

#7 - "Do It Yourself" Day
A day of DIY - for some people, this is their passion. You only need to type DIY in Pinterest to see many projects made. It would be great to have a "Do it Yourself" Day - especially for those that like to procrastinate (like me). It doesn't have to be that you make something though, it could be a simple task, like pumping your own gas, using the self service checkouts. For a child it could be feeding themselves, tying their shoes laces etc. The DIY ideas are endless.

#8 - Best Friend Day
A day to honour and celebrate the friendships we have with our Best Friends. Spend the day with your best friend - maybe have brunch or lunch, go to the movies or maybe shopping. If your Bestie is in another area code or country, write them a letter, email, send a message, Skype them or pick up the phone and ring them!

#9 - National Backyard Cricket Day
Seen as it is the #CWC (Cricket World Cup) - I thought it would be fitting to have a National Backyard Cricket Day. For many years, backyard cricket has been popular with families in both New Zealand & Australia (and other countries too). It would be great to have a day dedicated to getting outdoors and playing a game with your friends and family, followed by a BBQ. Perfect Summer Day!
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 If you could make YOUR OWN HOLIDAY day - What would it be? Leave me YOUR DAY in the comments below or if you are a blogger, write up a post and link up with us at #TuesdayTen!

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  1. Great list!! Rabia put No technology on her list, too - so funny that all of us bloggers came up with that one! I'm all for backwards day, too - dessert first?? YES!!!! :-)

  2. I love that so many of us chose Family Fun Day! That was my daughter's choice.
    And your backwards paragraph was brilliant!

  3. Great list! My kids would have a ton of fun with backwards day. Would that mean they don't get dinner if they don't eat all their dessert!?!?

  4. VODKA DAY... did you really need to ask ;) Oh and how about a Gummy bear day! Oh man I could have fun with this and pretty sure I could fill a whole year of 'days' ;) xx

  5. I'd like every Friday to be Rum and Coke Day. And for Sundays to unofficially be Watch Football in Your Underwear Day. The best idea might be to have a write-and-read day for all of us to catch up on our blog writing and reading!


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