{20 Day Challenge} Day 20 - THE LAST DAY

{Day 20}
I can't believe it is Day 20 - the last day of the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge - although I only need to look at my house and see how clean & organised it is...routines are put in place, new habits & 5 minutes tasks completed regularly...I am feeling fantastic and very proud of myself for completing this challenge!

Today I de-cluttered a few things from the freezer and gave it a good clean... PLUS I have organised a "Baking Day" with my daughter for this weekend - to celebrate my success. 

Looking back... My Goals

When at home I want to feel organised and relaxed
I want to spend more time doing fun activites outside with my family & Blogging 
I want an area of the home where I can set up a desk/area for laptop and stationary
I want to organise my Bedroom & the containers of 'sentimental items' hidden away in the wardrobes
I don't need anymore but can't part with clothes and teacher resources
I always lose motivation


  • I am definitely feeling more organised and relaxed and so does my partner when he gets home from work.
  • I have loved blogging about my journey during the 20 day challenge. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and seeing the before and after photos.
  • Now that the house is sorted I am looking forward to spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine with my kids. BRING ON SUMMER
  • I now have a designated area where I work and where I keep my stationary etc.. 
  • My bedroom is clean & organised and I make my bed every morning before I leave the room.
  • I have culled and organised A LOT of my 'sentimental items' which feels great to FINALLY get it done
  • I have donated 3 rubbish bags full of clothes/shoes to op-shop & dumped a rubbish bag full of teacher resources no longer needed.

This is my home. I would be happy if potential buyers walked through my house today and opened my cupboards!!

Hi 5 and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Katrina & Kate at The Organised Housewife
and to everyone in our AWESOME FB Community!! You are all fantastic - give yourselves a PAT on the BACK for making the first step - SIGNING UP to this CHALLENGE!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!! You WILL get there!! Believe in yourselves! I believe in you! 

To anyone that is considering doing the challenge! I highly recommend it.


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