{20 Day Challenge} Day 8 - Toy/Craft/Spare or Extra Living Room

{Day 8} 
I have to say that I am absolutely loving the "20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home" Challenge with The Organised Housewife. I am already seeing a shift in how I organise & clean our home. New habits and routines are put in place to make things run a lot smoother - even Miss B is doing a few extra jobs to help out. I am very thankful to Katrina & our Facebook group - a community of wonderful women who are very inspiring and have some fantastic ideas and tips. You all ROCK!

Today's task: Toy/Craft/Spare or Extra Living Room
I don't have a toy room, spare room or a craft room (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing lol) I do however have Craft & Games Cupboard! I actually did this a couple of weeks ago, when I started doing the pre-task challenges (as I was motivated to get stuck into jobs that I had been putting off for a loooong time). It was a massive job because I went through EVERYTHING, de-cluttering as I went! (in the end I filled a rubbish bag of junk). I love how more organised it is now and the fact that we can find things, whereas before I was scared that something would fall on me! Looks much better, don't you think? 

Miss B's stationary is also organised! 

Now I really need to do the same for my Teacher Resources - at the moment it's all in containers hidden in my wardrobe! I'd say we will be doing an Office task so I shall save it for then! eeek Watch this space.

Do you have a toy room/craft room/spare room or extra living room? 
How does it look? Clean & Organised? or Messy & Cluttered? 


  1. Do you know I am addicted to before and after photos... no seriously. I think I am some kind of OCD freak and before and afters are my drug lol xx

  2. Your comment just made me LOL! I'm the same -hence why I have so many! Watch this space - there will be more Sonia!


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