Long Weekend - Part 2

We were blessed with another beautiful day in the North and I am still buzzing from yesterdays achievement in the front garden that I wanted to continue today - to attack the other half. 

The Garden Makeover continues...

Okay, so this is the before photo - what I call total chaos in a garden...it is overgrown with all sorts...two big cabbage trees, a yucca and some agaves hidden amongst some random plants. I honestly did not know where to start! 

Front Garden BEFORE
Front Garden BEFORE (close up)

More rocks found amongst the chaos

Coming along...
It's all about TEAM WORK 
Miss B and her "tree"


Ta da!!!
Our Front Entrance Garden AFTER
View from front of house

View from driveway
 We also decided to re-plant the potted yucca that we had on the deck. It was choking in the pot, so we have given it a new lease of life! I can't wait for it to thrive in it's new home!

Bird of Paradise - Couldn't resist taking a photo!

Miss B after the hose shower! 

What do you think about our Garden Makeover? This is only Stage 1, like yesterday, we are still on the hunt for ideas of what to put in this front garden.


  1. Wow what a huge difference Charlene. well done hun it looks fabulous xx

  2. Thanks Sonia! Now I just need to decide what I'm going to plant in the garden!


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