{20 day Challenge} Day 1 - Kitchen

Today we kicked off the 20 day Challenge with the "HUB of the HOUSE" - The Kitchen.

We didn't have a good start to the day due to taking both kids to the Doctors...diagnosis: ear infections :( Then I needed to go to Dentist due to a "lovely" wisdom tooth giving me grief for the past couple of days! 

Once Master M was asleep and Miss B happy watching her DVDS...I got stuck into the kitchen! Some of the things I did: returning everything back to its proper place, clearing the dining table (tends to be the dumping ground), wiping benches down, cleaning the microwave and de-cluttered under the sink. 

The kitchen now looks A-mazing! It's so great coming into the kitchen and being able to see the bench (with no dishes on it)... Now...my goal is to keep it like this!

Here are my Before/After photos of {Day 1 - The Kitchen}

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