{20 Day Challenge} Day 3 - Laundry

Another day done and dusted (literally)

I've tackled this area before when I did a 20 day Declutter Challenge with Organised Home Challenges - I actually enjoyed walking in and doing the washing...

...Fast forward a few months - the laundry became the dumping ground for excess items, formula tins that were given to me from friends (for an upcoming upcycle project), laundry (yet to be washed) and bits and bobs...so I was actually happy about getting back in there, sorting it out and giving it a really good clean (even behind the washing machine).

It's amazing what a couple of hours + determination + elbow grease can do

I am really glad I had no visitors this morning - the entrance was covered with rubbish and "items" from the laundry...a lot of it actually didn't make it back in! 

Now I love my organised and clean laundry.  I am happy to do the washing again! The sink was the biggest (hardest) job - there was dried up paint and quite a bit of grease & grime! I used Chemico Paster Cleaner with a cloth (also scrubbing brush & toothbrush) and A LOT of elbow grease. Phew! The after result is worth it! (see photo below) 

I sort my washing into 3-4 piles (Lights/Darks/Towels/Bedding) - I usually do all my washing on Sundays (mad I know) - I am going to trial doing the laundry on Mondays and Thursday (just to break it up a bit). As part of my evening routine, I will be putting a load of washing on the night before so that it is ready to be put out in the morning. I also hate having a mountain of washing needing to be folded sitting on my couch (or moved to the bedroom) on Sunday night! Never again! 
This new routine will include: wash, dry, fold and put away...all in the same day (weather pending) 

What's your Laundry routine? Does it work for you? Feel free to comment below or head over to my Facebook page HERE

Better go and put that load of washing on now!  


  1. You'll probably think I'm crazy but I do a load everyday!! We have a 5.5kg machine which just fits the days laundry (family of 4) and every other day I do 2 loads (clothes + towels) then the extras like bedding and tea towels are when I have a free moment ��

  2. I definitely don't think you are crazy. There are a lot of people that do their washing daily too. So far my routine is working...doing it 2-3 times a week as opposed to ALL in one day makes life a bit easier and stress-free.

    Thanks for commenting Melissa! Great to have you visit my blog.


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