{20 Day Challenge} Day 11 - Washing machine & Linen Cupboard

Week 3 kicks off with cleaning the washing machine and sorting out the linen cupboard!

For me, the tasks didn't take too long. I had already cleaned the washing machine a couple of months ago, so today I just gave it a quick clean & did a vinegar-hot water rinse.  (oops - I didn't take a before photo - but I can tell you it was pretty yucky!) 

How do you clean your washing machine? How often do you clean it? 

Linen Cupboard
It can be a challenge to keep sheet sets organised amongst duvets, sheets, and blankets. The Organised Housewife has some great tips on her post Organising the Linen Cupboard. Check it out! Martha Stewart also has a simple solution - How to keep matching sets together!
Using either of these strategies, you are bound to have a perfectly presentable linen cupboard you won’t mind showing off to guests.

After a while the towel cupboard can get a bit chaotic, towels just chucked on the shelf. So today I was able to de-clutter a few towels from the pile (now used as rags) and organised the towels nicely on the shelf! I keep my face clothes in a basket so that they are easy to find and not scattered around the cupboard. 

I have black, white and a pop of colour in our bathroom! Every time I walk in there, it's like I'm in a hotel room (especially after giving it a really good clean the other week during this challenge). Feels great knowing that these cupboards are tidy and organised. 

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