20 day Challenge STARTS TOMORROW!

I am really excited about what the next 20 days are going to bring me, my family and especially my HOME! 

Last month, I signed up to participate in the 20 days to Organise and Clean your Home Challenge with The Organised Housewife because...

1. I love an Organising/Decluttering challenge 
2. I am a sentimental hoarder and need help! (lol)
3. I want to enjoy the Summer holiday with my family, not stuck inside cleaning!
4. I want to get our house ready for potential buyers (as we are selling in the new year) 
5. It's good for my mind, body & soul!

(*squeal*) THE CHALLENGE STARTS TOMORROW!! You can read about what is involved in the challenge HERE (Please note Registrations close 5th October, 2014)

Since I registered, I have been busy completing the Pre-Challenge Tasks - these tasks are used to prepare us for the weeks ahead and I am happy to report that I am OFFICIALLY READY TO GO!! 

We will be focusing on a different area of the house each day. I will not be sharing detailed information about the tasks due to it being a MEMBERS ONLY group, however, I am going to share with you MY JOURNEY as I tackle the 20 day challenge...so WATCH THIS SPACE :) 

This is my journey -  20 Day Challenge!

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