DIY: Wish List Cards

In previous years I used to go (a tad) mad with Christmas shopping, pretty much buying anything and everything (well not everything) for Miss B and I spent a lot of money. However, this year I thought I would try something new, especially now that we have two kids to buy for. I have seen, read & heard parents take into consideration four things when buying presents for their children...

1. Something to wear (e.g pyjamas or an outfit from head to toe),
2. Something to read, 
3. Something they want, and 
4. Something they need.

I really like this concept and wanted to come up with a way of making it a fun activity for Miss B.
Introducing "Wish List Cards" 
1. Give your child a TIME LIMIT - For example Miss B got 20-30 minutes at K-Mart and 20-30 minutes at The Warehouse. 
2. Let your child browse an area of the store for a minute or two first to see what is available.
3. Take photos (camera or on your mobile) of things that they like with the matching "Wish List Cards". (I told Miss B she can choose up to 5 things for each card).

The great thing about this idea is that: #1 - you get to see what your child actually likes, #2 - you have a record of the item on your phone if you forget when you are doing your Christmas Shopping! And #3 - it's great if Grandparents or other family members ask you what your child/children want/need - you will have a few ideas ready! WINNING!

Perfect to use for Christmas & Birthdays.

You will need: 
Wish List Cards
Hole punch
Binder ring
Washi tape (optional)

OR just write them out onto card. 

Click the image to print Wish List Cards 

Punch a hole in the top left corner and attach binder ring

Add some colour to your cards using washi tape 

Now you are ready to go!

Here are a few photos of the 'Wish List Cards' being used by Miss B. Now I have a better idea of what I am going to get her for Christmas!

I also snuck in something that I would like for Christmas...

Hope this makes Christmas shopping a little easier for you! Enjoy!

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