Advent Calendar: Day 8 - Christmas Craft #1

Today's task was "Do some Christmas crafts"...We will be doing several crafts over the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas, so for Christmas Craft #1 - Miss B has made a Christmas Tree. Here's what she did...
The Supplies

The Christmas Tree
If you don't have any green card, simply cut a triangle or 'tree' shape using thin card and glue on some green paper

Cut out your triangle (tree) shape
Decorate 'tree'
Miss B used Glitter Paint and added confetti to decorate her tree. 


For the base of the tree, colour in a brown rectangle and glue it to the bottom of the 'tree'

Add a star to the top of your tree and some presents at the bottom and you are DONE!
Miss B wants me to laminate her craft so she can add it to our own Christmas tree. I like that idea!
I wonder what craft we are going to do next. 
Have you done any Christmas crafts with your children?

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