#TuesdayTen: 10 Random Questions

This morning on Facebook I asked my followers to 
"Pick (and comment) a number between 1-100...First 10 numbers will be used for my #TuesdayTen today! Go!" 
The topic this week is 1(MORE) Random Questions. The #TuesdayTen group did a Random Question link-up back in September and used this list of questions to help them.  I did something similar a while ago with the "20 Question Tag" - you can see it here

Here are my 10 RANDOM questions...(as suggested by YOU!)
3. (Jodi) Before you started this survey (blogpost), what were you doing?
Putting Master M down for his morning nap (he's such a good boy) 

8. (Renee) When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
This morning - for School Drop-off, then I had to go to the Post Office to send my #NZSecretSanta present to the Santa Storehouse! 

22. (Theresa) Would you ever consider living abroad?
Yes, I would consider it, but I would never actually do it. I need to be close to my family (and my friends) and I love my country. 

27. (Jasmine) Type of music you like most?
I would have to say Old School Classics & 90's music. I was a 'MMMBop'er and a 'SPICE up your Life' kinda girl back in the day...and still am (at heart).
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48. (Nicola) Is the glass half empty or half full?
I think the glass is half full, no half empty, NO half full...Arrgghhh!! I am indecisive today...What do you think? 

77. (Jodi) If you could have any job, what would you want to do/be?
Other than being a Mum & a Teacher...my back up career choice when I was younger was - to be an Actor (Actress) - I used to love doing Drama at school. I played the main character in quite a few of our school productions - it was such an awesome experience. I would also love a job where I can help people de-clutter and organise their homes. 

82. (Michelle) What are your best physical features?
Hmm, I would have to say my eyes (quite a few people have complimented me on my eyes), my smile (always *mostly* smiling) & my feet (especially after a Spa Pedicure). 

84. (Kelly-Anne) If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?
Easy - England!

86. (Clair) Where would you want to retire to?
Oh I haven't even thought that far ahead lol...umm I would want a Lifestyle block somewhere close (but not too close) to my family and in Northland. 

95. (Paulette) How many rings before you answer the phone?
Usually 2-3 times.

For the lovely ladies that chose these questions for me...I challenge you to answer the same question as well. Comment below*  or head over to my Facebook and comment there. I look forward to reading your answers.
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Answer the question of your FAVOURITE number (hopefully it's between 1-100) and comment below.

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  1. 22. Would I consider living abroad?
    Much like you Charlene, have considered it but love NZ and being close to family and friends. :-)

  2. I had a few of the same questions! I would love to travel abroad, but I don't think I would want to live so far away from my family either. Now if one of my kids moved, I may just follow them...

  3. You and I have a couple of the same questions for Tuesday Ten! I usually think the glass is half full. :)

  4. @Dana & @GinnyMarie - heading over to check out your #TuesdayTen now!

  5. Fun! And, I love that you challenged you readers to answer the questions, too!!! I never would have considered living abroad when I was younger, but now that I have done some traveling with my husband, I would consider it. It would be really hard to be so far away from our friends and family, though!

  6. I'm a glass half full person. My husband is a glass got stolen and broken kind of person! LOL!


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