#TuesdayTen: Our Dream Home Wishlist

This week for #TuesdayTen via The Golden Spoons we are asked to list "10 things we would like to have in our Dream Home". For me, it wouldn't be a dream home if I didn't ask my family what they wanted. So I asked my daughter & partner "What are three things that you would like to have in your DREAM HOME?". I will share four things that I would like to have at the end. 
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So here's my my family's #TuesdayTen - 

Miss B
1. Playground
Miss B would love to have playground with swings, slides and a flying fox. If she could have the one pictured, Miss B would be a very VERY happy girl and I would say Master M would be loving it too when he is older!
2. Swimming Pool
A dream home would not be complete with a swimming pool, and according to Miss B - it would be even better if it had a couple of spiral/tube slides. Miss B loves to swim and spends a lot of her Summer holidays in the pool at Nana & Papa's house. 

3. Paris-theme bedroom
And the last thing on Miss B's Dream Home Wish List is a Paris-theme bedroom. She already has a few 'Paris' theme items on her Christmas Wishlist. I am thinking of doing this theme, for her, when she turns 10 (March next year) - it won't be as magnificent as the picture (left), however it will be a Paris theme.

My Partner
4. Home Gym
Weights, Boxing bag, Bench press...a Home Gym with everything - A Man's Dream!

5. Workshop
This is a definite for my partner! A place where he can store all of his tools & to set up an area where he can work on cars - panel & spray paint.

6. Man Cave
The last thing on my partner's Dream Home wish list is a MAN CAVE - including a Bar, Pool table & Sport Memorabilia just to name a few. Oh and "not attached to the house" (his words).
And finally My Wish List...

7.  A Big kitchen
I have always had small kitchens so I would love to have a big kitchen in my dream home, with space to move around and lots of storage space.  I love this kitchen! It looks so clean and fresh!
8. Front Door
This might sound bizarre but I have never lived in a house with a proper front door entrance. I have lived in houses with front doors, but there was another door that had better access to the house (e.g. ranch slider/french doors/back door). So my dream home will definitely have a proper front door entrance. I love natural timber, so a door like this one pictured left would be perfect for my dream home! (It's so pretty)
9. Office/Craft Room
I saw this picture on Google and thought - OOH I want THIS room! An office/craft room would be perfect - it would be MY space. I love the storage and how organised it looks - definitely putting this room on my dream home wish list! 
10. Play/Toy Room
I think it's every parents dream to have a play/toy room for their children! I believe it is important that children have their own space to play and be themselves. I really like the storage unit in this play/toy room - it's fantastic. I definitely want that in my dream home!

I asked my followers on Facebook - What are three things you would include in your DREAM HOME?
Here are some your responses:

"A big kitchen with an island....Big storage cupboard in the hallway for linen etc. And a big ensuite" Michelle.

"A play/toy room, A walk-in pantry aaaaand lots of bedrooms...Unless I could have a self cleaning shower, toilet and oven if so I would have those" Jasmine

"Good entrance way - storage for shoes, umbrella, junk mail etc. Every house should have a hidden cupboard in the wall for storing shoes!...And a good covered outside area to dry clothes in winter and get shade in summer...a full on office, but also a 'hide away' office near the kitchen for laptop and daily needs!" Yvette

"A big lawn, decent sized ktichen with plenty of bench space & decent sized bedrooms" Clair

"Library, craft room, swimming pool" Tracy

"Fantastic indoor outdoor flow - big wall in lounge for photo wall! Biggish kitchen with plenty of bench space and incorporate a butlers pantry!" Theresa

"A maid, chef & gardener! A girl can dream" Elizabeth

"Fully fenced, good indoor and outdoor flow, heaps of storage space" Katrina

"Ensuite, triple door linen cupboard, functional well planned kitchen..." Megan

"An old school clawfoot bath in a huge bathroom, a big toyroom for the kiddies and a huge backyard for treehouses and vegetable/fruit gardens" Libby

"Butler's kitchen, lots of storage, functional outdoor entertaining area" Shana

"A double shower, a spa bath, and enough storage space in the laundry" Amy

"Pool, spa and massive deck" Krystle

Now it's your turn! What are three things you would include in your DREAM HOME? 


  1. I enjoyed reading this - very cool :-)

  2. Awesome list! I love that you included your family and Facebook fans!

  3. Thanks Theresa and Lisa. We are buying a new house next year (it may not be our dream home) but we are definitely taking on board some of the ideas that I have listed above (including a proper front door tehe).
    It was a lot of fun asking my daughter and partner what they really wanted in our home!

  4. I love the Paris themed room, and a man cave... Love the kitchen too, awesome kitchen!!!!!

  5. I think your dream house sounds awesome! I would love a craft room to store and organize all my stuff!

  6. I love that kitchen! It's nice to see you included your family and Facebook fans in this post. :)

  7. @BritishMumUSA - I am a little excited about giving Miss B a Paris-themed room - already starting to look for items!

    @Rabia Lieber - Thank you! I am hoping I can tick off a few things off my list when we buy next year!

    @Jenessa - I really REALLY want that kitchen - the more I look at it, the more I fall in love with it!


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