#TuesdayTen: My Christmas Wish List

"I don't want a lot for Christmas...there is just one thing I need"...A DSLR Camera (one day!)
We only buy Christmas presents for the kids (our own, nieces & nephews) and for Secret Santa (this year we have two) so any other presents I do get is a bonus and a surprise! 

Here is My Christmas Wish List for 2014

1. My gift from #NZSecretSanta
For a while I was thinking I was going to miss out on receiving a gift from my #NZSecretSanta. I would have been absolutely gutted. I had been checking my account twice every day and when I checked it today...eek EXCITING!! 

Thank You #NZSecretSanta - you have totally made my day!

I am really looking forward to seeing what my #NZSecretSanta got me! Gifts are getting sent out this Friday! Eek! You can follow me on Twitter @charlene_ttmn to find out what I receive. 

And I really hope that the person I bought for really likes their gift too! 

2. Happy & healthy children
I wish for this every single day. 

3. Full tank of gas
I want to give my car a present this Christmas by filling up the gas tank. We plan to travel around visiting our family, friends and the beautiful beaches this Summer, so a full tank of gas will be really nice! 

4. Nice Weather
We have had some horrible (Winter-like) weather this past week so it would be awesome to see the Sun again. Sunny with a light breeze would be perfect on Christmas Day.

5. Family & friends
Spending Christmas with my family & friends is really important to me, and thinking about our loved ones that are no longer with us. 

This will be Master M's First Christmas so I am really excited about sharing this special milestone with him and my little family.
I am happy that my Nana will be coming up to spend Christmas with us too. She hasn't travelled north for a couple of years, so we are very lucky she is coming!

I am also SUPER EXCITED about seeing my Best Friend this Christmas. She currently lives in London and is coming home for a holiday! I know there will be many tears (of joy) when we are re-united and she will finally get to meet Master M in the flesh (not just via Facebook). 

6. Food & Beverages
Oh yes! Ham, salads, fresh summer fruit, trifle, chocolate strawberries, pavlova...yum yum yum! I just love Christmas food! 

7. A Clean house
I hope the Cleaning Fairies come to my place this Christmas! Oh wait - I am the Cleaning Fairy! This will be me once I've finished cleaning the house lol.

8. Spa Pedicure 
Yes please! It's been way too long since I had a pedicure! So this is on my list, simply to remind me to get one next week before Christmas. Bit of pampering is good for the soul (and the feet).

9. A sleep-in
This could actually happen, now that Miss B is officially on School Holidays. If Miss B and my partner sort Master M in the mornings...I might be able to get a sleep-in until about 9am. Sounds like BLISS to me.

10. DSLR camera 
This item will be on my wish list until I get it!

What's on your Wish List? 

A big Thank You to Lisa & Rabia for hosting #TuesdayTen and for letting me be a part of this amazing link up. Look forward to continuing in the new year.

Meri Kirihimete 
(Merry Christmas in Māori)


  1. That is a perfectly fabulous list!! I say "Ditto!"

  2. Thank You Lisa. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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