Advent Calendar: Day 2 - Write Cards for friends and family

Miss B's Advent Calendar 
Day 2: Write cards for friends and family. 

I keep everything I need for our Christmas cards in this basket. It includes a range of cards of all designs and sizes, stickers, washi tape, envelopes, pens, and special photos of the kids for the picture frame cards (for immediate family).  When we are finished, I will put the basket back into 'My Christmas Box' as seen in Day 1. 

Christmas Card List is done. It's amazing how long the list gets when you write everyones names down isn't it!

Day 2 supplies - CHECK :) 
I love these Kiwiana Christmas cards from Canteen (new designs available)
Special Photos of my beautiful children for our Picture Frame Cards (for immediate family)
Miss B loves giving cards to her friends. 
Now to get writing...

Have you done your Christmas cards yet? 

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