S is for School Holiday Ideas Jar (#AtoZChallenge)

My School Holiday Ideas Jar - 2015 Edition post continues to be one of the Most Popular posts on my blog, so it's only fitting that I share it today for #AtoZChallenge - Letter of the Day: S.

I first introduced the School Holiday Ideas Jar to my daughter last year, a few months after I had my second baby. I needed a way of keeping her occupied so that she wouldn't say "Mum, I'm Bored" (and that used to happen a lot). It was also a great for us to do something together while baby slept. 

So one day, I sat down with Miss B and asked her what sort of activities she would like to do. I wrote each of them on a piece a paper, with a little picture (optional), folded it and put them in a jar. It then became our School Holiday Ideas Jar. You can read the full post here.

It was the BEST IDEA EVER because there was a range of activities that she could do independently, with me or a friend or together as a family. The activities are simple, affordable and fun...some examples are: Arts & Craft, Nature Scavenger Hunt, Manicure & Pedicure, Board games, Go to the beach, plus many more. 

It has become a hit with our family & amongst our friends, I also know a few of my followers have created their own School Holiday Ideas Jar and thanked me for introducing the idea to their family. We look forward to the school holidays now and you can too.
This post is part of #AtoZChallenge


  1. What a wonderful idea for those days when I just don't know what do to with the kids in summer... its getting close to that time of year.Thanks for sharing! I will be creating a School Holiday jar for my family

  2. WHERE were you last week lovely. I soooo needed one of these then lol xx

    1. I bet! You might need to make an "EMERGENCY" Ideas Jar :) ooh now there's an idea :)


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