D is for Dog

Master M met Shady for the first time today. I wasn't sure how he was going to react to such a big dog, but he absolutely loved Shady from the moment he saw him and they instantly became friends. Master M had so much fun playing with his new four-legged friend - chasing and throwing the ball to Shady; and standing next to him at the bathtub. I absolutely loved watching these two interact  and play together, it's like they have been friends for ages - truly beautiful. 
A man's best friend is a dog but a dog's best friend is a boy


  1. So very sweet. We have 4 dogs who are my kids. Our dogs haven't been exposed to children - I can count the number of kids they've met on one hand - so I'm unsure of how they'll react. I do know that one of our dogs is confused by tiny humans and shies away.

  2. Friends for life!


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