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Hello lovely readers, how was your weekend? It's Long Weekend for us in New Zealand due to ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget. As you see in my photo above - yes! I am wearing's Autumn here and it's starting to get a bit chilly. I have also purchased a couple of new slouch scarves for extra warmth. I am totally jealous of all my friends/blogger friends on the other side of the globe who are welcoming Spring into their homes and lives! I just need to suck it up for a few (five+) months and then it will be our turn! 

What's Been Happening This Week? 
MONDAY: My partner took Master M to visit his Great Grandmother, leaving me at home to do my own thing...and what do I do? CLEAN!!

First day back at work after school holidays. I had a great day and I have to say I am really enjoying being back in the classroom and teaching - it has always been my dream to be a teacher. I absolutely love it.

WEDNESDAY: Master M & I had our monthly catch up with our Coffee Group today. We met at a local park so the kids could have a play - and they LOVED it and us mummies had an awesome chat! We also managed to get a group photo with our babies - thanks to the good ol' self timer :). Great to see our friends again! Our babies are not babies anymore - they are all walking & talking mini-toddlers.

THURSDAY: Rest day! Definitely needed it.

FRIDAY: Master M & I went to a PLAY session today. M had lots of fun exploring...he was definitely in his element. He loved water play, spending quite a bit of time by the trough [pic below] and also dabbled in a bit of art [pic left] I think we are going to really enjoy attending PLAY on Fridays.

WEEKEND: Anzac Day - Lest We Forget - we took a moment to reflect & remember all the servicemen and women who lost their lives and to honour those who returned home. This year marks 100 years Centennial. We Will Remember Them. We have been busy house hunting, we have our eyes on a few potential properties...I won't go into too much detail - however, please keep your fingers crossed for us. I will let you know how we get on.
Master M LOVED Water play at our first PLAY session on Friday.
Here's what I shared on My Instagram this week for #FMSPhotoaDay Challenge...
April 20. This Happened

April 21. Season

April 22. Mess (I like to call it ART)

April 23. Snack

April 24. Fill the Frame

April 25. I sat here
 (Lest We Forget - ANZAC DAY)

April 26. 4 o'clock

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Have a wonderful week!

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