K is for Kiwiana

Kiwiana are certain items and icons from New Zealand's heritage, especially from around the middle of the 20th century that are seen as representing iconic Kiwi elements. (Wikipedia, 2015)

I have been doing FMS Photo a Day Challenge since September last year and in October, the theme was the Letters of the Alphabet and Numbers 1-5 - so I thought, seen as I live in New Zealand, I would share some of the most iconic items that are relevant to my beautiful country.

A is for All Blacks, B is for Buzzy Bee, C is for Chocolate Fish, D is for Deka, E is for Edmonds Cookery Book, F is for Four Square, G is for Gumboots, H is for Hokey Pokey Ice Cream. I is for Icons (NZ), J is for Jandals, K is for Kowhai, L is for L&P (Lemon and Paeroa), M is for Marmite, N is for Nikau, O is for Opononi & Omapere (Hokianga,NZ), P is for Pōhutukawa, Q is for Quirky Fact, R is for Red Socks, S is for SpaceMan Candy Sticks, T is for Tiki, U is Uenuku (Rainbow), V is for Valerie Adams, W is for Weetbix, X is for #XFactorNZ, Y is for Yucca (Common plant in NZ gardens), Z is for the Z is New Zealand, One (Tahi) Kiwi, Two (Rua) Flax flowers, Three (Toru) Kete
Four (Whā) Four Nations Rugby League, Five (Rima) as in 25 years Celebrating Kiwiburger (the burger not the bird)

To see more Kiwiana icons, visit: What is Kiwiana? and Wikipedia: Kiwiana.
Do you know or recognise any of our Kiwiana icons?  If you live overseas - have you ever visited or considered visiting New Zealand? 

K is for KISS 
Happy Anniversary to Us


  1. Oh, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit your gorgeous New Zealand - definitely on my bucket list. So interesting to learn about Kiwianas! Their sort of like Latin culture down here - we have beautiful jewelry representing the spiritual beliefs - neat connections.


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