#TuesdayTen: 10 Things I Love About Him

Apparently, this month is Couple Appreciation Month - and for me and my partner, it's actually true. Last week we celebrated our 3 year anniversary :) I love reminiscing the early days of our relationship - remembering the first time we met, the first kiss, etc...to this day it gives me warm fuzzies. 

Originally, I was going to write 10 Things I Love About Him...My partner...but then I remembered for our first year anniversary I made him a deck of cards - with 52 Things I Love About You (similar to this), it was very corny but he loved it...so I thought I would share them today for #TuesdayTen. 
  1. You rock my world
  2. You make me feel safe
  3. You accept me and my 'items' (I'm a sentimental hoarder)
  4. Your dimple 
  5. The way you crack my back 
  6. You give the best hugs
  7. You 'waited' for me
  8. We went on 'findsomeone' and found each other
  9. "Good answer" 
  10. I miss you when I'm not with you
  11. You watch my programmes with me
  12. You share your feelings
  13. Make future plans
  14. Watch Disney (not by choice)
  15. Holding your hand
  16. Always there for me even when I'm grumpy or have PMS
  17. You're an awesome spraypainter
  18. You're hard-working
  19. How silly we can be together
  20. Snuggling on the couch
  21. You put up with my music
  22. That we reminisce the early days (gives me warm fuzzies) 
  23. S.T :P
  24. You're handsome
  25. You are loyal
  26. You love Sport
  27. "You're so gangsta"
  28. You always know how to cheer me up
  29. You're special 
  30. You tell me I'm beautiful
  31. You sent me a 'SMILE'
  32. You love steak
  33. 3
  34. Your smile
  35. You're supportive
  36. You're great with B
  37. You love your family
  38. Wearing socks in bed
  39. Your eyes
  40. Meeting my friends
  41. Attending numerous family occasions
  42. Your awesome culinary skills
  43. Your IQ is higher than mine (I still object to this one) 
  44. You know what you want
  45. You're funny
  46. You change my brake pads (and had 5 stages of anger) 
  47. S.F :)
  48. C.G :D
  49. Your wise words
  50. You love me too
  51. My lover & my friend
  52. I just do!
Three years together and I still agree with each and every one of those things - even more so now...You are a fantastic Daddy and Step-Dad & the man I have been looking for all my life. 
I love you so much.
Happy Anniversary 
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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! What a sweet list!

  2. Oh hun - you two are just gorgeous!!!! xx

  3. Now that is an romantic idea I will have to steal from you!

    I can't stress enough how important it is to find someone who sticks with you during PMS! Now that is a great guy!!

  4. Totally right!!! :) He's definitely a keeper :) I love him to bits! And steal away!


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