Sunday Share #15

What's been happening this week? 
It's been a very busy week for me on the blog - Blogging from A to Z Challenge is off to a great start and I am enjoying sharing extra tidbits of my life, home & family - including some creative ideas with you. If you missed a post, you can find them under the #AtoZChallenge tab found at the top of the page or check out below under Missed A Post This Week? - I have shared the links there too. 

On Tuesday, Miss B and I had a Mother Daughter Date. We went to the movies and watched Cinderella (great movie by the way) followed by a visit to the nail salon to get a Manicure (pretty nails). It was so lovely to spend time with my daughter while Master M was at daycare, we will be having another date next Tuesday too, so looking forward to that! And it will probably, most definitely be one of the ideas I shared in this post: Fun & Fabulous Mother & Daughter Date Ideas.

In other news...
Master M is spending most of his days walking now instead of crawling - it is so cute seeing him grow in confidence and get from A to B on his feet! I love watching babies/toddlers when they first start walking - their sheer determination, with a bit of the wobbling, is adorable - do you agree? Speaking of babies/toddlers - we had a catch up with our friends from SPACE* (we have been friends since Master M was 3 weeks old) on Friday - it was great to catch up with the Mums & Bubs! All our babies are walking now and were very happy playing with each other: Priceless!
*Supporting Parents Alongside Chidren's Education

***Love and Miss You everyday Nan. RIP***

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  1. I've been enjoying the A to Z challenge too. I haven't seen Cinderella yet, but I keep hearing it is good. I love manicure and movies. So much fun!


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