W is for Wacky Wigs

There are so many W words that I could blog about, however I wanted to share something about me and what I love. 

I have a bit of a confession: I LOVE WIGS!
A few years back, my Mum and I went to a theme party every month (yes I partied with my Mum and I am proud to say it!). We would make our own costumes, with a bit of help from the Op-shops. I decided to wear a wig to each party - and it kind of became a signature part of my costumes. I ended up collecting A LOT of wigs and wore them for theme parties, school dress up days, any chance I could really. The wigs (wackier the better) totally completed my outfit. I found myself being more confident and always had a big smile on face because I was so comfortable - it was like I was a different person, but still ME! 

Here is a collage of some (yes, some) of the wigs that I have worn over the years...
Row 1. L-R: Retro, Prom Night, Mid Winter Beach Party, Pirate Day (School)
Row 2. L-R: Rugby World Cup - All Blacks (School), Halloween, Kiwiana, Super Heroes
Row 3. L-R: Bad Taste, Stars & Stripes, Olympics Day (School), Fairy Tale Night
Row 4. L-R: Book Day (Camilla Cream), Rugby World Cup - England (School), Halloween, Retro 

Do you like wearing wigs? 
Got a photo? I would love to see it.
Please head over to my Facebook and SHARE your WACKY WIG photo(s)?

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  1. I LOVE your wigs! You look great in them, all of them. I have put a wig on my head I think maybe twice in my whole life, but you make it look fun! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com

    1. Thanks Lisa! I love wearing wigs! SO much fun! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Those are great! What fun! I don't think I've ever worn a wig...I need to get on this and come up with a wig optional costume for Halloween this year :)
    Katie @TheCyborgMom

    1. oh you sooo have to Katie! Wigs are a great accessory to any costume! :) Have fun! Would love to see a pic if you do end up getting one :)


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