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Miss B and I had a Mother & Daughter Date today (Master M was in childcare). First we watched 'Cinderella' at the movies, and then went to the nail salon to get a manicure. It was such a beautiful day - I love spending one-to-one time with my daughter and our dates are something I truly treasure, so I wanted to share some Fun & Fabulous Mother Daughter Date Ideas with other mums too.
(please note: some of these ideas can be used with boys too)

1. Manicure & Pedicure 
Go to a nail salon or set up a salon at home and get your nails done!

2. Mini Makeover 
Give your daughter a makeover and then let her give you one (be brave)

3. Go to the Movies 
Choose a movie that you will both enjoy or grab some DVDs and have your own movie day at home with home-made popcorn.

4. Baking 

5. Girls Night Out 
Get dressed up and go to a restaurant for a fancy dinner with your girl

6. Coffee Date
Head to a cafe and have a coffee/hot chocolate or fluffy & have a girly gossip session

7. Craft Day 
Make something for each other or make it together (Pinterest is your best friend)
8. Park Play Date 
Go to your local park and play with your daughter - swing with her, go down the slide - have fun!

9. Nature walk 
Grab your walking shoes and go for a nature walk - make a Nature Scavenger Hunt to make it a bit of fun (and educational)

10. Go to the Library 
Read a book or two together and choose some books to take home (on loan)

11. Op-shop Till You Drop 
Find a bargain or two at your local op-shop, or maybe a new outfit . When you have finished, refer #6. 

12. Have a picnic 
Pack a lunch and a blanket & go to a nice park for a picnic. After lunch, lie down and watch the clouds - what shapes can you see? 

Take photos and don't forget to be #inthepicture - treasure these moments with your daughter (or son). 

If you have any Mother & Daughter Date ideas or Mother & Son ideas - I'd love to hear/read them!

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  1. Wonderful post! My daughter is 14 and now that she's older, she more interested in spending time with her friends (understandable). But we do sit down together at night sometimes and watch a tv show together, or the occasional movie. I'm treasuring these times because I know she'll be off for college in just a few short years! Visiting from A to Z....

    1. How lovely that you still make time to spend time together - even if it's just watching a show together - thats definitely worth treasuring! :) thanks for commenting

  2. Ahhh, to have had a daughter - so nice - wish I could have come along - everything I love to do. I have two wonderful boys who simply would rather work on cars or go to World of Beers with their girls. Love your post!

    1. Thank you Sue. I am hoping I get to do stuff with my son when he is older.

  3. My daughter and I are overdue for a one on one date. These are cute ideas!

    1. oh Nice Rabia! Enjoy your mother daughter date- whatever you decided to do :) How special.

  4. Very sweet - just the effort will create a bond

  5. Some really wonderful ideas here. I love it when I get to spend some one-on-one time with my boys:-)

    1. Thanks Bec -what sort of things do you do with your boys?

  6. OK I have serious girl envy going on right now hun ;) I get boys dates because mine refuse to have manicures lol xx

    1. My bad. What sort of things do you do with your sons Sonia? Would love to make a list for when my son is a bit older.

  7. I have three daughters and we use to have dates too. One-on-one, my favorite ones, especially because they all had different interests. They are grown now and I still like to do this. One of our favorites, which we did once a year, is they would get to stay out of school (skip day), usually at the end of the year where things were often in review or nothing going on. We would take the whole day to shop, have lunch, do whatever they wanted for their "day with mom." The biggest part for them, was the no school day. Again, we only did it once a year and it didn't start until middle school. They remember those times even now. Great list!

  8. These are fantastic ideas! I love mother/daughter dates with my girl. They usually include shopping and Starbucks most often, but park and library dates are super fun as well!

  9. What a great list of ideas. These are perfect things to do with my daughter!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!


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