KEEP CALM - Make a School Holiday Ideas Jar (#1Word Challenge)

KEEP CALM PARENTS - After a busy term at school, your child/children need the holidays to recharge their batteries before the next term starts, so let's make this school holiday one to remember. 

Idea: Make a School Holiday Ideas Jar.

The School Holiday Ideas Jar was first introduced to my daughter last year. I needed to find a way of keeping her occupied during the school holidays, otherwise we would both all go mad! So I came up with the School Holiday Ideas Jar. (You can see my original post here)
Here is a list of possible activities/ideas that your child can do independently, with friends, or as a family. Most of the activities mentioned use items found in or around your home, cost a little bit of money or are FREE. Keep it simple, affordable and fun!

Activities include: 
  • Mini Makeover
  • Board Games
  • Make play dough
  • Super Science
  • Donate to charity
  • Visit the SPCA
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Māori Stick games
  • Go to the Beach
  • Visit the Park
  • Movies
  • Visit the Library
  • Read a book
  • Have ice-cream
  • Baking
  • Go to Town Basin
  • Play with Orbeez
  • Invite a friend over
  • Make play dough
  • Make a vege garden
  • Have a picnic
  • Rainbow Loom
  • Make a hut (inside/outside)
  • Indoor hopscotch
  • Water-gun fight
  • Pet rocks (paint rocks) 
  • Arts & Craft Day
  • Cool Clipboard
  • Climb a mountain
  • Help around the house
  • Get messy (water play, gloop, slime, paint) 
  • Pyjama Day
  • Go for a bike ride
  • DVD & Popcorn
  • Nature walk
  • Visit a museum
  • + many, many more 
Now it's your turn: Grab a pen and paper, and write down some activities/ideas and pop them in a jar. Each day (or the night before) get your child to pull out one activity for them to complete on the day.

You might hear the odd "I'm Bored!" and that's okay. You can either tell them to a) pick another activity from the School Holiday Ideas Jar or b) refer them to the BORED chart - as shown below. Children will quite often find something to do. Remember - it's their choice to be bored, not yours.
*Have You?
Been creative? played Outside? Read a book? Exercised for 10minutes? Done something helpful?

Enjoy the holidays, and have fun spending time with your family and friends. 

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  1. What a wonderful idea, Charlene! I love it! :) This would be a great way to keep kids busy during vacation. As a kid, this is a project I definitely would have loved doing. I like all the bright colorful notes - and the ideas are endless for what you could write on them. Thanks very much for sharing this! I'll definitely be passing it along!

    1. Thank you Marcia. I love our School Holiday Ideas Jar and so does Miss B (my daughter)...quite a few of my friends and followers have created their own SHI Jar and just love the fact the children are engaged in an activity and are having fun! I now look forward to the school holidays because we always have something to do - and this time, we can include Master M because he is a lot more active.

  2. Great ideas!!! I need to remember these this summer!

  3. I absolutely love this and my girls start their spring break today, so perfect timing and huge thank you for sharing with us! :)

    1. You are very welcome Janine! I hope you and your girls have a great spring break!

  4. Thank you, I needed to read this. I love the jar idea and I definitely need that poster.

    1. You are very welcome Cybele! :) The poster works a treat! My daughter gets to O (outside play) and she is no longer bored!

  5. As we are about to head into our first lot of school holidays (mr 5 started school this year) this is a great post. I know DH will struggle next week keeping our son occupied! I'll be at work so god knows what will happen lol. I will have to suggest some of these ideas for him. Thanks for linking up with The Ultimate Rabbit Hole x

    1. Yaye for First School Holidays!! How awesome - first school holidays and it's Father & Son! Very special! I am sure they will enjoy some of the activities mentioned - especially science experiments.

  6. I am a teacher, too... This is a great idea for vacations! Thanks!

  7. Fantastic idea. I've already started a list of things we all wanted to do, now I just have to extend the list and put them in a jar! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Michelle! The jar completes it - Enjoy the holidays!

  8. What a cute idea! I love that you have a lot of ideas - never running out of things to do!! So fun!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Alycia. I enjoy linking up with Saturday Spotlight.


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