G is for Games (Blast from the Past)

It's School Holidays time here in New Zealand, so the kids are home and always looking for something to do. If you haven't already, check out my School Holidays Ideas Jar for some ideas and activities that your children can do independently, with friends or as a family.

And now you can add these 'Blast from the Past' Games to the list...
You might remember playing these games when you were younger, some have actually made a come back once or twice over the years because they are so COOL!
Keep it simple, affordable and fun!

1. Hopscotch 

2. Marbles 
3. Clapping games 
(Click on image for a list of songs/clapping games) 

4. Jump Rope / Skipping

5. Elastics 

(Click on the image for more details) 
Image credit: Be a Fun Mum
6. Knucklebones 
(Click image for more details)

Did you play these games when you were younger? What were some of your favourite games to play when you were younger? Share your experiences in the comments.


  1. elastics! yup. that's what we played most of all :D

  2. What a great trip down memory lane! This is how me and my siblings played. How times have changed.

    Stephen Tremp
    an A-Z Cohost
    @StephenTremp on Twitter

    1. Thank you Stephen. I think it's time they made a comeback :)

  3. If I'm not mistaken, 'elastics' is called Cat's Cradle here in the states - but I have never seen it played with feet or on such a large scale. I am extremely inspired to go try to knock myself giving that a try... Thanks! Love your blog title! :)

    visiting from a to z blogging challenge :)


    1. How do you play Cat's Cradle? I might have to google it! It is so much fun Holly - you have to give it go! Hopefully you won't knock yourself out though. Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Kelly :) Thanks for sharing your *Elastics post :)


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