Y is for Year: My Goals for 2015 ***UPDATED***

At the beginning of the year I shared My Goals for 2015, and seen as am notorious for forgetting them, I have decided to do a bit of an update of where I'm at. (Inspired by Lisa at The Golden Spoons). 

My motto for 2015 is #MakeitHappen - Make it Memorable. We are heading into our 5th month...so let's see how I'm getting on with my goals...

Personal Goals
1. Be more Organised! B
I have returned to work. Teaching a Year 2/3 class and I absolutely love it. I enjoy being back in the classroom. I have to be super organised on Tuesday mornings, because I have two kids to drop off (my son goes to home-based childcare and my daughter goes to her friends house, then school). There have been times that I have turned up to work 10 minutes before the bell, eek...(I have to travel 20 minutes to work)...however I am getting better - time management is improving each week.  I have decluttered and organised MOST of my containers, have 2 more to do! So I am on the right track. Going to start on my photos next month! (wish me luck) 

2. Find a new home! A+ (for selling our house) 
We sold our house quite quickly and now we are on the hunt for a new house - so this goal will be ticked off VERY SOON!

3. Learn more about Photography B
Continuing to learn new things about my camera and photography...I have definitely improved in the past 4 months and I know I am only going to get better. I love photography.

4. Walk up/Climb Mt Manaia F
I was actually thinking about this one the other day...I need to walk up Parahaki (3 times to catch up) :( I will get up there...one day!

5. Organise TWO Milestone birthday parties A+
I did it!!! I actually pulled off TWO  no THREE parties in ONE weekend...Check them out...
A Little Golden Book themed First Birthday
Miss B's Paris themed 10th Birthday


Blogging Goals

I have been blogging officially since September 2014 (I created my Facebook page in May 2014). I have really enjoyed my blogging journey so far and am really excited about what 2015 has to offer! Here are my five blogging goals...

1. Reach milestones B
FACEBOOK: 674 (Milestones 500 & 600) 
TWITTER: 97 (only 3 more to reach milestone 100 followers) B
INSTAGRAM: 221 (Milestone 200 - CHECK) A 
PINTEREST: 87 (would LOVE more followers) C

2. Guest Post on other blogs C - Work in Progress
I will be guest blogging on a couple of blogs in the next month or so (Watch this space) 
GUEST POSTS/BLOGS --> I have had one lovely guest blogger on TTMN to date (Thanks Lydia) and I have a couple in the pipeline - coming soon. I still have spaces available if YOU would like to be a guest blogger on my blog. Send me a message via Facebook or Contact Form found on the left sidebar.
1. Q is for Q&A with Always Made With Love

3. Be a more Organised blogger! B

This is a work in progress kind of goal - I have had days when I have been super organised and other days, where I have stayed up really late finishing off blogposts...When you have an idea...you just have to run with it!!
I am really proud of myself for sticking to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge!! ONE MORE DAY and I have completed a whole month of blogging every day (plus on top of my other blogposts)! Go ME!

4. Meet some Blogging friends C (It will happen)
All my blogging friends get an A+ :) I have yet to meet them face to face but there is still plenty of time for that aye Ladies (Courtney, Lydia  & Claire)

5. Enjoy it! A
I LOVE my little blog. I am enjoying every minute of it! 

So there you have it - my goals for 2015! ***UPDATED*** - I think I am doing pretty good, don't you think? 
How are you getting on with your goals this year? 
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  1. Love the way you make your list of goals and your enthusiasm. wishing you all luck with them.
    read my post at http://poojasharmarao.blogspot.in/2015/04/yell-silently-in-memory-of-my-late.html

    1. Thank you so much!! I use my enthusiasm as my motivation!


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