Taking Stock - March 2015

The month of March has definitely been a busy one for us. From celebrating two milestone birthdays to putting our house on the market and getting it ready for Open Home. It's been full on, crazy, hectic - however we got through it, smiling. And thanks to Pip's post at Meet Me At Mikes - I get to look back at the month that was...


Making: DIY Super Cute Easter Bunnies
Cooking: Homemade Fish 'n' Chips
Drinking: A nice cup of tea
Reading: Roald Dahl's The BFG to my students
Wanting: chocolate!
Looking: forward to Easter & the School Holidays
Playing: Water Play with Master M 
Deciding: when to launch my new blog design! Before the weekend or after?
Wishing: everyone a SAFE & HAPPY Easter!
Enjoying: watching Master M take his first steps
Waiting: for my teacher registration to be processed
Liking: that my Facebook page has reached 600 LIKES! (Thank You!)
Wondering: if Miss B misses us (she is in Australia at the moment, holidaying with her cousins) 
Loving: my little family - they are awesome!
Pondering: where we are going to live next?
Considering: whether or not to do monthly posts for #fmsphotoaday 
Buying: Easter eggs and winter pjs for the kids
Watching: Let's Be Cops (such a funny movie - totally recommend) 
Wearing: teal and black today 
Following: and meeting new bloggers
Noticing: my newsfeed is full of yummy Easter treats (drool)
Thinking: about packing up the house - but where do I start? 
Admiring: my gorgeous children - I am a very lucky Mama
Sorting: Master M's toys
Getting: excited about using our {School Holiday Ideas Jar} again
Bookmarking: blog design tutorials 
Disliking: Natalie Kills & Willy Moon's recent behaviour on #xfactornz. Bullying is NOT OKAY!
Opening: a packet of biscuits to have with my cuppa
Giggling: at the funny sounds that Master M makes
Feeling: excited about the next couple of months
Wishing: my children a very HAPPY 1st and 10th BIRTHDAY

Helping: "A friend in need, is a friend indeed"
Hearing: Master M babbling away in his cot 

Just in case you missed them, here are my TAKING STOCK for January & February.

Now it's your turn - Choose one or two words and let me know what's happening in your world...take stock and comment below. 


  1. I love meeting teachers who blog! So happy to hear about reading Roald Dahl to your students. His humor is ageless, don't you think? Come on over to my place at education-spring.com and tell me what you think.

    1. Roald Dahl is my all time favourite author - and even as an adult, I love reading his books! Will head over to yours now! Thanks Kathy.


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