Sunday Share #16

I can't believe it's the end of the school holidays. Man, time flies when you are having fun and I do hope it has been a fun one for you and your kiddies. The School Holiday Ideas Jar was a hit again - it's great because it keeps the kids entertained and happy. Miss B is back at school tomorrow and she is super excited because she gets to see her friends and teachers. I am going to miss her - believe it or not, I really enjoy having her at home. Although I am not looking forward to the school drop-off and pick up! Are you and/or your kids excited about school going back tomorrow?
What's been happening this week?
The biggest news of the week would have to be "WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!" Woohoo! It was a quick sale (within 6 weeks). It feels so good to see the SOLD sticker outside and not have to do any more Open Homes (that's a huge relief) can read more about the sale in "L is for Let's Celebrate".  Now we are on the hunt for a new home - we have a longer settlement so keeping fingers crossed we find something fairly quick. 
I have reached over half way of the #AtoZChallenge! I have to say I am enjoying every moment and I am really glad I joined! (Thanks Claire - Girl on a Mission) I love sharing extra tidbits of my Life, Home & Family including sharing creative ideas with you - it's something that I am passionate about. I have also found some great new blogs to follow. 
In other news...
My F is for Fun & Fabulous Mother & Daughter Date Ideas was featured this week on Crazily Normal's Saturday Spotlight Volume #15! Totally made my day/week/month :) Yippee! 

FMS Photo A Day Challenge - Week 16

April 13. Paper
April 14. Up (The Sold sign went up today!)
April 15. Dinner
April 16. Where I work
 (Best job in the world - at home with these two)
April 17. An Ordinary Moment (Archive)
April 18. Fluffy
April 19. Together
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Tell me, what was YOUR highlight of the school holidays?

Have a fantastic week!

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